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25 years ago: 4-H project turns into family pumpkin enterprise

Went to school with both Janet and Larry, (Janet younger that the old guy) great people then and still top shelf people, get your punkin at the farm, kids will have a blast.

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100 years ago: Jealous husband attacks bill collector

This after hour prowler must have fast feet to out run a dogie, maybe it's someone who lives close by and ran into his own home.

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Letter: Felony required?

Me thinks maybe jafs is right , two different last names, , like above quote talk to CPA

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What stretch of road in Lawrence needs the most improvement?


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Letter: Shame on state

Like ms clinton said, "" WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE""

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How far do you think the KU basketball team will go this season?

Just as long as they beat Missouri, oh wait the tiggers moved to SEC, go Hawks go

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Fix-it Chick: Repair or install concrete expansion joints

Great advice here,do it needed

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100 years ago: Tango defenders come forward at KU

Must got it in and running, I remember it running across the river bridge east on Locust street in north Lawrence and then on south side of Hwy 32, with a station at Kent which is the old building which is still standing on south side of 32 about 3 miles east of Hwy 24/40, Maybe this is not the same rail service,this baby was kinda slow.

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How faithfully do you go to the dentist?

Every four months for cleaning and check up, cost out of my pocket, but still have my seventy six year old teeth, so guess it's worth it.

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Lawrence man travels state informing Kansans about Affordable Care Act

Hey Kansas Conscience, good come back, liked that one plus a very good read.

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