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Groups aim to put Medicaid expansion at top of 2016 election agenda, say state has needlessly given up over a billion dollars

Let's call a spade a spade. Susan Wagle, Ray Merrick, et. al. are opposed to Medicaid expansion because it's part of the Affordable Care Act, or what they scornfully call 'Obamacare.' And they hate Obamacare because they hate Barack Obama. And they hate Barack Obama because he's black. They can not stand the idea of a black man being President of the United States. They are nothing but a bunch of racist bastards! But that doesn't give them the right to deny 150 thousand Kansans access to health care.

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Kansas lawmakers' judicial policy is unconstitutional, judge rules; attorney general says courts could lose funding

Sammy and his cohorts in the Legislature have told the courts "You rule the way we want you to, or we will cut off your funding." You know, we use to arrest people for blackmail.

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Governor backs Kansas high court justices' ouster

I am a lifelong Kansan, I can not recall ever hearing a governor suggest that a judge or judges should be removed from the bench. Not Docking, not Bennett, not Carlin, not Hayden or Graves or Finney - none of them. They understood the importance of an independent judiciary. Sammy, on the other hand, wants to control the judges and make them rule the way he thinks they should. Just another reason to throw him out and make sure he never runs for office again.


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Democratic congressional candidate endorses Orman

The next time I see Mr. Sherow I will have to give him a dressing down. Chad Taylor has always stressed the importance of bipartisanship. Many of the law enforcement officers he works with are Republicans, but they all understand that their first job is the safety of people in Shawnee County. Chad Taylor would never refuse to prosecute a case because the Sheriff or police chief involved was a Republican. Mr. Sherow's remarks imply that Chad Taylor is not bipartisan, and that is simply not true.
But Dorothy Hoyt-Reed is correct. If Taylor and Orman split the Democratic vote, Roberts will get re-elected, and we will have 6 more years of the same idiot behavior. And Orman is just another rich guy trying to buy a senate seat.

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Senate challenger says he has enough signatures to get on ballot as independent candidate

If Greg Orman thinks the general election will be between himself and the winner of the Republican primary, he is in for a big surprise. The Democrats have a very credible candidate in Chad Taylor, who as the Shawnee County District Attorney has demonstrated his ability to work across party lines. Recent polls show he has narrowed the gap between himself and Pat Roberts. One thing is for sure: If we re-elect Pat Roberts, Tim Huelskamp, Lynn Jenkins, and the others, we will have 4 more years of the same nonsense - nothing getting done. We need people in Congress who see the problems government causes and work together to resolve those problems - not Tea Party idiots whose solution is to shut down the government.


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Democrat Kelly Kultala responds to call for her excommunication

Fortunately, the decision on excommunication belongs to the Bishop, and the Bishop knows that political opinions are not a basis for removing someone from the Sacraments. The day it becomes so, the Catholic Church is no longer the Church, but a tool for people like Gilstrap. And excommunication can work both ways. I know others who say Sam Brownback should be excommunicated because he ignores Christ's call to help the poor and marginalized of our society, (Matthew 25: 35-40). That same could be said of any Catholic who is a Republican. So I would encourage Mr. Gilstrap and people like him to leave people's religious beliefs out of the political fray.

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Political analyst predicts Republicans will reclaim U.S. Senate

Mr. Cook needs to do some more research before making his predictions. Three independent polls give Paul Davis a lead over Sam Brownback, and Mr. Cook doesn't realize how hated Sam Brownback is by many Kansans. Charlie Cook might just be in for a surprise come November 4th.

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Senate votes to defund Common Core standards

Every teacher I have talked to endorses Common Core standards. They were developed by educators along with the National Governors Association - The Obama Administration had nothing to do with them. More Tea Party lies. Perhaps if we had had Common Core standards the past 30 years, Sen. Knox would have the intelligence to propose some responsible legislation.


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Kansas legislator proposes salary increase; 'we should be paid significantly better'

Is he kidding? Since Peck and his Tea-Party cronies serve only ALEC and the Koch Brothers, Kansas Taxpayers should get a refund!

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

It's not enough that Kobach is going after Democrats and unaffiliated voters. Now he is targeting prairie chickens???!!! Guess that tells me where I am in the scheme of things. Seriously though, Kobach and his Tea Party cronies want state law to take precedence over federal law - never mind what the U.S. Constitution says. Well, we tried once - it was called the Articles of Confederation. Didn't work then - won't work now. We need to vote these idiots out of office now!

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