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Outgoing legislators recommend big increase in school funding, but chair declared meeting adjourned

Wow. Just wow. What an adult and professional way for those three who walked out to handle policy.

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

The old days — a different sort of coverage. 1903 was prolly the heyday for our friend, happyrock, the consummate parody poster.

Google "beta theta pi turkey pull" to see society page stories from 1903, 1914 and 1964 of the KU Betas' event. (I need to learn how to post links!)

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

"Solomon 1 hour, 24 minutes ago: Who knew you could rent a turkey?"

And WHY is there a business that rents turkeys? Do they have any culpability? What do they think people do with rented turkeys? Specifically, what do they think a bunch of teenage frat boys do with a rented turkey?

Something smells bad about the rent-a-turkey business.

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Poll: More say global warming is occurring

Outstanding post!

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Is it important for students to learn cursive handwriting?

I don't want a chip (thank you), but some other form of digital recognition would be fabulous. Can I get a Chop?

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Is it important for students to learn cursive handwriting?

I learned "penmanship" in Catholic schools. I consistently got Ds (also in "deportment"). I can sign my name in cursive (a scribble), but if I need to communicate with someone via pen/paper, I print so they will know what I'm saying. On the other hand, my keyboard skills are top drawer. I'm looking forward to some new advance that means I'll never have to sign my name. Thumbprint?

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Sound Off: FSHS cleaning

One. Whether or not there are "3 custodians per building," they can only clean when the classroom is empty. So, basically, not during school hours?

Two. The question is a good example of why I take "reports" from my 17-year old Free State student with a dose of skepticism. If it's important (the report), I question him closely and then follow up with the school. Not the LJW.

Three. One recent report from said student that did check out was a sad tale of daily gross graffiti in the bathrooms. Every day, day after day. The custodians clean it up; it's back the next day. I'm thinking they earn their pay.

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Would you pay $5 a month for curbside recycling?

I already pay about $5/month to Deffenbaugh. One big bin, everything but glass, unsorted. Keeps us from "upsizing" to the largest City of Lawrence trash bin. And I don't have to "prompt" them to pick it up at the curb. Keeps peace, relatively, in the family. Five dollars well spent, imho.

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Gov. Brownback calls on Legislature to make up revenue shortfall from tax cuts

I wish I shared your optimism. Seriously. Even if he gets voted out of office, what are we left with?

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