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As Legislature remains deadlocked, Brownback in Chicago touting tax cuts

Accidentally hit "Suggest removal" instead of reply. So sorry, I definitely do NOT want your comment removed.

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Editorial: Mental health effort

"He is providing no new money for a seriously underfunded mental health system. Instead, he is asking the state’s community-based mental health network to shift $10 million from other services to focus on his initiative." (kansascity.com, cited above)

That's the crux: This is NOT new money into the mental health system. Providers in Kansas cities and towns — like Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center in Lawrence — will have to cut services so that Brownback can re-allocate funds to his new regional delivery system.

How is this rational? or helpful?

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Douglas County GOP to host discussion about health care coverage

I don't understand why there's a cover charge to attend. Do the organizers want to exclude those who can't afford $20 to listen to them? Is there some reason they don't want broad participation? Sorry, but I just don't get it. Just a Dumb Blue Blonde, I guess.

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Regents applaud Brownback's flat budget for higher education

But what else could they do, realistically? If they criticize his decision, don't they run the risk of retribution? Retribution would likely be in the form of cuts. Those who feel the consequences of those cuts are students — and, ultimately, as with everything else in the new Kansas, the people of the state. It looks as if the Regents are in a lose-lose position.

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Mental health advocates applaud Brownback initiative, want more details

Just a few questions: The article states that this is a "shift" of funds. From where is the $10 million being shifted? How much will this task force (if you can't do, study) cost? Why does a new "regional system of services" have to be "established"? Wouldn't it be less costly to use existing delivery systems? How much state money has been cut from mental health services since Gov. Brownback took office?

Actually, $10 million doesn't sound like much spread across the needs of the state, especially with new administrative (task force, regional system) costs being incurred. Sorry, folks, I'll have to be convinced that any substantive good will come of this. Great pr, though.

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Editorial: Children in need

"In this technology age there is no reason a job seeker cant' look for and apply for employment online."

You really need to get out more. Your comment reminds me of ol' Bush not knowing the cost of a loaf of bread. Do you honestly believe that a family poor enough to qualify for TANF has a computer and Internet access?

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Gov. Brownback sets up Humanitarian Commission

What??!! This is simply more smoke and mirrors to turn attention away from what Brownback and his puppet legislators are doing to the needy in Kansas. I can just hear the p.r. flak in the meeting that decided this distraction strategy: "Guv, this'll look GREAT nationally!! NObody will look under the covers." Coming a day after we learned about TANF. . . . We've seen a lot of disgusting news out of Topeka in the past two weeks; this announcement wins, hands down.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Thankfully it was "only" his spouse and not a child. Had it been a small person, it would not have been the leg.

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