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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

We all know what really happened. "Mob mentality". No just a bunch of guys trying to catch the turkey before it sliced someone's neck. "Choked by the neck" how else do you grab a turkey? "Thrown". More likely grabbed and flew. We all know the intention was not to harm the turkey.

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

The turkey was trying to get away most likely. Turkey in a house with 150 people is going to get hurt. Thrown like a football more likely just grabbed and then flew away. Have any of you seen a turkey farm or chicken farm, that is abuse. Enough to make us all Vegetarians. The incident was an accident. The men at beta tried to catch the turkey to stop it from getting hurt or hurting someone. That turkey is treated like a god. Move on no story here.

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Injury accidents gnarl traffic on three highways

I assume that EMS is in charge of calling a helicopter? or making the decision to transport to LMH....

Helicopters are called far too often, when patient's can receive life saving, stabilizing care right here in Lawrence!!!

Get the Helicopter!!! Call the Helicopter! Convenient way to punt the case out of town....

I would like to have a news story reviewing and investigating this protocol. Helicopter flights are extremely expensive and retrospectively often are not covered by insurance.

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Mystery of wild cat remains as city workers find carcass missing

I talked with the camp host at Clinton lake on Sunday. She saw a mountain two weeks ago walk across the park entrance road by the wildlife office. She said rangers said they had seen it around as well.

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Dead wild cat found in 2200 block of Bob Billings Parkway

This article is so frustating, I think they wrote the article calling it a Wild Cat on purpose because of the KSTATE game to attract attention and is so unexcusable that they haven't updated the article yet....a simple call to the sanitation department , or to the police department could confirm the species of cat......where did sanitation take the animal, why has no one followed up with a picture? Like I said KSTATE game antics....
one question to police department, did it have a tail longer than a six inches? If so it is not a bobcat. If it had a short tail...bobcat....this is ridiculous.

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Officials seize pet caiman from Lawrence residence


LPD is off base here. Sue them.

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Missing tortoise's 10-day adventure included backyard escape, crossing highway

The Desert Tortoise is federally protected and federal laws for ownership without proper authority are possible 25,000-50,000 dollar fines and up to one year in jail or both, furthermore it is illegal to transport a Desert Tortoise across the state lines of Nevada without written consent from The Nevada Department of Wildlife and Conservation.
see page 3

It is possible that your Tortoise is legal if it is indeed 25 years old and depending on if you obtained it before 1989? see page 4

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