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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

I've driven a sensible, modest, quiet motorcycle for years. It's funny how the people with the "loud pipes save lives" are usually some mid-life-crisis riders with no skill, inadequate gear, and no helmets. Loud pipes don't save nearly as many lives as skilled, practiced, attentive riding, adequate safety gear, and some freakin helmets. You can see me from far away with my riding gear, and I'm not wearing some ridiculous chaps and overpriced, Harley-branded, useless leather gear.

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Fighting continues over anti-union bill

"And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil." - King Richard III

I guess I'll be writing bigger checks to my IAFF local, with the sole intent that anything above dues goes straight into advocacy against these Koch-puppets. Our collective memory is so short when even middle managers and white collar workers forget what it's like to not have weekends or health insurance.

For a party that so readily touts governmental non-intervention and personal rights and responsibilities, this is absurd. If I don't like the political stances of my union or how my dues are being spent, I can freely choose to leave.

This "small government" sure spends a surprising amount of time in people's uterus', bedrooms, and personal checkbooks.

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Wichita fire crews stage dramatic dog rescue

You do. Like the rest of us, when we pay taxes. So when it's your dog, or kid, or you, someone will help you out too.

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3 arrested after car chase, crash

LPD does a great job of risk vs. benefit in assesing the viability of car chases. The people that are saying they should continue pursuits in busy areas of town are the same people that are going to get worked up when someone gets killed during a pursuit. They managed to keep everyone safe and still track down the suspects; a better job couln't have been done than that.

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

It's great to see some LHS grads and familiar faces in the group; I'm glad they hired some people who grew up here.
Best of luck

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Lawrence City Commission OKs police, fire union contracts

Two things:
Ideally, in a perfect economic model, yes, police officers and firefighters can go and do something else or work somewhere that pays more. Do you really want the people who show up when you call 911 to be the bottom of the barrel, or were offered the job only because the best candidates passed it up for greener pastures? I don't, nor do most people.
Also, people fail to understand that the fire and police departments in any city are a paramilitary organization with rank structure and seniority. Most office workers will switch between companies or businesses several times in their careers and it doesn't affect their career detrimentally. For many professions, changing jobs is a path towards career development and is seen as a positive. Generally speaking, this is the opposite from the fire and police departments of most cities. Many firefighters and police officers will spend their entire twenty-to-thirty year career at the same department, all the while gaining experience and seniority, which is not as readily transferrable to another jurisdiction.
So the idea that firefighters and police officers can readily pick up and move to a higher paying jurisdiction is unrealistic given the structure and culture of public safety departments. And, if a department were to openly pay less and offer less incentives to work there, that department would not provide as effective, safe emergency services as departments who are able to recruit and retain more effectively.

So yeah, people that don't support effective public safety institutions are usually terribly misinformed, stuck to some crazy-fundie-teabag-righwing dogma about taxation and government services, or are just bad people.

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Lawrence City Commission OKs police, fire union contracts

For those of you that are opposed to paying firefighters and police officers, or think they make too much money or benefits:

This is the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Roll of Honor:

This is the Officer Down Memorial Fallen Police Officers, just in year 2010:

If you feel that those who protect society by willfully engaging in a profession that puts them and their co-workers/friends at great risk of bodily harm and/or death don't deserve to be paid fairly, you ARE actually a bad person.

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Officials: Attempt at thawing frozen pipes sparked fire that destroyed mobile home on 31st Street

Gaslight is at the very edge of city limits and it still only took the fire department five minutes to arrive. Most places in town have a 2-4 minute response time, and when you take into account that firefighters take a little less than a minute to put all of their protective gear on and get out of the firehouse, that response time is very fast. LDCFM is actually very well respected for their fast response times. If it really took 30 minutes to get there, the trailer would be burnt to its rails; it doesn't take long for fire to multiply in a confined space like that, full of synthetic fuels.

Between Gaslight, the student housing, and the box stores, Lawrence Police are usually busy in that area and do a very good job of getting to emergency call quickly. LPD are always out patrolling and usually get to a priority call faster since the closest unit is in the neighborhood.

Albeit unintentional, this guy knew he started the fire and tried to save-face on the news. That's all fine and dandy, but don't blame the fire department for something you started.

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What programs would you cut in order to help trim the Kansas budget?

Do you know what's even better than lower taxes and conservative government? Firefighters, cops, public schools, roads, air traffic controllers, trash pickup, health care, scientific research, anti-terrorism, farm subsidies........

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One dog dies, another rescued from pond accident on East 1100 Road southwest of Lawrence

When a call comes out on the radio, no one says, "It's a firefighter's house" or "It's not a firefighter's house". It's an emergency call for someone that needs help, plain and simple. Do firefighters only respond to other firefighters houses when they're on fire? Of course not. And yes, rescuing anything is free of charge. See, we live in this wonderful system where we pay taxes so the fire department doesn't have to pick and choose who they can or can't help.

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