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Lawrence police chief focused on making homes, businesses safer

If you have proof the cops have tapped your phone or installed recording devices in your car, and they don't have a federal search warrant, I do believe they are in violation of the law. Got proof? Sue them. Otherwise, share some of what you are smoking with the rest of us willya?

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Judge rules Yellow House Store owner is mentally competent to stand trial

Is this a soap opera or a wanna-be reality show?

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KPERS promise

Get a clue scott....republicans are NO WORSE than democrats. Plain and simple. Yet, each side insists on continuing to blame the other, and claim the other is the root of all evil. Each side persists in their belief that the plain old american is too damn dumb to see through their b.s. But not all of us are that dumb. And it is catching up with both sides. So, if you want to blame the repubs, be sure to keep in mind the dems are no better. end of story.

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Douglas County Commission authorizes land acquisition

Cronyism? yeah, that too. To me, a "credit-card-with-no-max-limit mentality"
reeks of Obama-ism.

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Judge rules Yellow House Store owner is mentally competent to stand trial

Well for what it's worth, Smitty is like Fred Phelps....Dedicated to his cause.

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

What is "FOB officer" ?

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Racism alive

Do you live in Kansas ? If so, you would be a dimwit as well for staying around if you think it's so bad. Some folks from both parties, liberals and conservatives alike, are beyond comprehnsion-stupid. Do you have any solutions to any of these problems, or are you just wanting to blab about how dumb Kansans are? or Republicans? Cause that's all you seem to be doing so far.

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Tonganoxie High School student killed in rollover accident Thursday afternoon on U.S. Highway 24-40 in Basehor

Sympathies to the family, of course. However, I seriously doubt they'll be online reading the ljworld forums.

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