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All in favor? New group making voice heard at City Hall

This sounds like a very good thing Alex, thank you for bringing a positive attitude to Lawrence.

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40 years ago: Public warned about rabid animals in the wild

okay, when I read this article I somehow got the idea that 112 cases of rabid animals had been delivered to the Kansas Health Deparrtment......Must.Have.Coffee or go back to a remedial reading comprehension class.

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What is your favorite word?

culchie and/or malaka are two favorites as well

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What is your favorite word?

conflagration or ebullient or maybe melancholy

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Brownback mum on expansion of Medicaid under federal health care reform

I think you mean Chip, played by Kevin Bacon.

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Have you seen any good movies yet this summer?

I ADORED 'Moonrise Kingdom'

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

My first album was Guy Clark 'Old No. 1' I also remember buying and wearing out a parody 45, can't remember who it was by or the title but it was an interview asking questions and the response was a snippet from a popular song. the only line I remember now is "Mr. Jaws how does it feel to be hated?" and the song was "wouldn't you give your hand to a friend?"

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When online friends die: a goodbye to Multidisciplinary

may all those whose life was touched by Multi be wrapped in the white light of peace, comfort, compassion and laughter.

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Brownback signs anti-abortion bill

that would be a great option, for sure, and since it usually takes me one glance at a "new" user to realize it's the same ol' user with just a different name, I would be adding to my "ignore" list daily. Which would generate hits for the comment section. win-win for all.

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