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Police arrest masked men who disrupted classrooms at KU

I was thinking that very thing, Kathy. 'Misguided Manor' sounds like a perfect name for my country house. :-)

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Fall allergies worse in Douglas County area this year

I can achoo attest to achoo that

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What nationally known author would you like to see visit Lawrence?

Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbo, Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux

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What’s the best bargain you’ve ever gotten at a rummage sale?

A 22.5" Weber Grill, never used, got it for $5

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Big discounts in store for sidewalk sale shoppers

I thought the same thing one..

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What was your favorite book as a kid?

'Little House on the Prairie' trilogy
'Trixie Belden' series
'Hardy Boys' and to a lesser degree' Nancy Drew'
and my Mom's oldy 'bobbsey Twin' books.

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Suspect in two Lawrence convenience store robberies arrested and charged

uh I don't know where Gennessee Street is, is it possible that Murph912 doesn't either?

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Editorial: Water issue

did you perhaps mean "your whole point is moot anyway by the fact that is cited here"?

November 8, 2012 at 11:31 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

100 years ago: Teenager's suicide 'most pathetic tragedy'

what a tragedy. Quite a difference on the way this was reported 100 years ago and how it would be today, I think.

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