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Taking out the trash set to change in Lawrence: earlier collection times, new days for yard waste

This may be more efficient for the city (although I can't see how since the number of truck trips will be the same), but it is much less efficient for many of us "customers". I have two of the large trash cans that for years have been doing great double duty as yard waste receptacles on Mondays and trash cans on Thursday as needed (as suggested on the City website). With recycling, that's three large carts already - I don't have room for a fourth. And paper bags are an unacceptable option - they are much, much harder to use than a trash cart, make a huge mess whenever it is windy or wet, and aren't machine loadable (so much for efficiency). We already compost a large amount of our yard waste, but small tree limbs, bush trimmings, and the volume of leaves beyond our compost pile's capacity at peak times will still need to be dealt with.

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Kansas' citizens utilities board acting on its own, lawmakers say

Is CURB member James Mullins the same James Mullins that until last year was the local field representative for American for Prosperity?

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KDOT maps its vision for South Lawrence Trafficway westside interchange

Take a look at pg 35 of the City's" West of K-10 Plan" document.

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Journal-World, Sunflower Publishing offices moving from 609 to 645 New Hampshire St.

As I recall, that end of Mass. St. was a wasteland before The World Company expanded their printing facilities. When many newspaper companies were moving their operations into industrial parks, TWC made a decision to keep their presses, and all their employees, downtown.

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Cuts needed

No, the budget is structured like a *budget* - money in, money out. Any organization that uses resources has a budget - that doesn't make it a business. As pointed out so clearly by preebo, the basic goals of a business and a government are not the same.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Frank Male files for county commission; keep an ear open for local sales tax talk; city hires new city engineer; wholesale water district buys land near Kaw; weekly land transfers

That land for the Water district is directly downhill from the former fertilizer plant and directly adjacent to the drainage ditch that runs down the backside of the Farmland property. I would be surprised if the nitrogen plume from the decades of production at that site didn't flow right through there. Hopefully someone has tested the groundwater in that area.

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Have you ever saved someone's life?

I'm a parent - of course I've saved lives. Like my mom did mine and my siblings' a few times.

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Kansas voting rights advocates oppose accelerating proof of citizenship requirement

My elderly mother stopped driving 2 years ago due increasing physical disabilities. Her Driver's License expired 15 months ago. She has voted in every election since she first voted in the mid-terms in 1952. She had been a poll worker, and been politically active since the 1970s. The poll workers at her precinct know her by first name.

Since there is no way to obtain an ID without being physically present, she went down to the DMV with her a helper to get her ID so she could vote this year. After a 45 minute wait, she gave up due to the physical stress and pain of standing in line.

There you go - more evidence that this new rule is reducing the legitimate vote (by one) as much as eliminating any proven voter fraud by undocumented immigrants in Kansas (zero). This woman survived the dust bowl in western Kansas, raised 5 children, scrimped and saved her whole life to support herself in her old age, and now these grand-standing blowhards have disenfranchised her to further their own political aspirations.

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