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Senate approves bill banning use of tax dollars to advocate for gun control

So, will they pass a bill that prohibits tax dollars from being used to argue for restrictions on abortion? That's a legal, constitutionally protected right.

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Editorial: Police needs

Orwell, the police don't just sit at the station, waiting for a call to come in. Officers on a shift are assigned a section of the city to patrol while they are on duty. If an emergency arises in that section, the assigned officer responds; therefore, it doesn't matter if the police station is at 11th & Mass. or at Clinton Parkway & Wakarusa.

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New judicial-selection plan fails

Attorneys "knowingly defend the guilty" (obviously you don't believe in innocent until proven guilty...) because those charged with a crime are constitutionally afforded the right to representation. Or do you only believe in the constitutional rights that you like?

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100 years ago: Lawrence man sued for 'alienation of affections'

It's too bad that no one has brought a recent claim for the alienation of affection, which is still a crime in Kansas.

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KU outlines significant cuts if Legislature cuts higher education funding

The vast majority of the sports teams and their facilities are funded by the KU Athletics Corp., which is an independent, self-funded entity. Why do you think Lew Perkins was hired? His fundraising abilities revolutionized many of the sports programs at KU!

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Historians debate 'the most polarizing figure in American history'

AN historical figure, not A historical figure...

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A map showing the route for the South Lawrence Trafficway. Courtesy: Kansas Department of Transporta

Chad, that link doesn't appear to show the same information as the hobbit-sized map above. Is there any way to get that map enlarged?

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Former Republican state senator talks about conversion to Democratic Party

That's okay, the GOP isn't relevant nationally. Their own extremism has seen to that nicely.

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Republican budget writers propose 4 percent across-the-board cut to higher education

People complain about roads, police services, tuition increases, and on and on, but heaven forbid you actually expect them to pay taxes that will finance the means by which their complaints will be fixed. That's just crazy talk!

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New undersheriff appointed in Douglas County

So, with these two people running the respective branches of the DGSO... what, exactly, does the Sheriff actually do?

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