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Charges filed in weekend K10 shooting

Genuisman an appropriate name for sure, maybe in addition to standing in the corner you should also stay off the road.

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The truth about 'athlete-students'

We see alot that is wrong with this editorial piece. Just who are we that are seeing all there things? Besides the illogical arguments and taking quotes out of context to support said arguments, I just want to know who you are. Or maybe "We" is a collective group. But "WE" think you are the same person who if universities did sell tickets for academic labs or other competitions would just say this is the school trying to take advantage and make money off anything. Oh and by the way ESPN airs the national spelling be.

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Eudora student taken to hospital after gym class injury

"Magette said the male student was hit with an unknown piece of equipment that was being used in gym class."The only way this is news is if the "unknown equipment" was a weight machine that collapsed on him.

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KU unplugs steam whistle to cut costs

It looks like i am going to have to go "lean" on someone if you know what i mean and get this straightened out. I am sure a freindly visit from a few of Fat Tony's guys will get Mr. Steeples to reconsider. I think East Coast Lew is familiar with this practice and knows it gets results.

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Do you always use the same password, or do you come up with different ones?

I actually always use the same one. It's two names put together. That way it's nice and long."- Ben Potter,Thanks for your password BenPotter

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Mo-peds, scooters make inroads at KU

No self respecting human allows themselves to be seen in Jorts after the age of 5.

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Tax credits for university repairs slow to catch on

Logrithmic, Get your numbers straight, four years of tuition are not even close to $80,000 for in state students, entering freshman for fall 2008, its under $3500 per semester, thats $28,000. Out of Staters pay more sure, but then again they would do so at everywhere else if they weren't a resident of that state.

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Tires to replace playground surface

Pywacket says: "Next, I suppose we'll have to ban rubber."If we ban rubbers there will be way too much overcrowding on the playground.

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New court papers claim Sherron Collins should have been aware of lawsuit

I would think there would be a lot of Hotter Co-eds available who would be thrilled that Sherron was rubbing against them in the elevator. Really why rub against a brutal old chick.

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On your mark, get set : press play

Henry isn't worried some scofflaw will try to get a head start by playing the files early."Even if you listen to them in advance - which would be very naughty - it wouldn't do you any good," he said. "Nobody knows where the start is."Maybe I missed it, but from the article I don't think anyone will know the start time either.

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