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Cold causes pipe breaks, headaches

I'm pretty sure the story did not tell if she had a pilotless furnace or not but I would think even with a pilot if the pilot light goes out there is no heat which equals frozen pipes. So I guess you could say thats one disadvantage to a having a furnace with a pilot.

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Many happy returns

Hey Compmd,

Just wondering what streets you were driving down in chicago to compare. 1000 times worse also so does that mean they got 6 inches and we got 6000 in? I'm pretty sure there was no difference in the weather one city is just more prepared to handle it. Additionally it could have been problems at KCI and that is why there flight was cancelled.

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Let’s make a deal

"Wow. The lede provides three different verb tenses in one sentence. Editors must get Thanksgiving off these days."

Maybe your name should be boozeman since only a drunk could mispell a word while playing editor.

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Jayhawk’s home really is his castle

I'm sorry sad_lawrencian, but what is the point of your existence?

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Commissioner: Proposal to rename Missouri Street ‘petty and childish’

Why don't they just put up a sign that says "Honorable Don Fambrough St". Place it above the actual Missouri street sign so that people get why that stretch is Honorable Don Fambrough street while at the same time not actually changing the name of the street keeping the mailing addresses the same. This is done in large major cities all the time.

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Train collides with car northeast of Lawrence

Riverdrifter - "Locomotive engineers are like blackjack dealers. They take all ties."

I don't know where you play blackjack but actually ties are a push and they hit on 16. But hey if you want to play your way I will be the dealer.

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What was that music?

Does anyone remember the "Scream Machine"? AKA the rubbermaid garbage can which was supposed to direct the crowd to scream when its lid was lifted.

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SLT Bob Billings interchange plan misses out on federal stimulus funding

Stuckinthemiddle says, "the SLT should be a toll road
it's the only fair way to fund it paid for by those who use it"

Using that logic make every road a toll road, its the only "fair" way.

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KU tries new tactics in getting scalpers to stop selling basketball tickets

LogicSound I don't know about you but I have never "bought" a credit card, I have applied for credit but never have I paid someone for a credit card. So technically speaking credit cards are not being sold on campus.

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KU tries new tactics in getting scalpers to stop selling basketball tickets

First off nowhere in this story does it say that the man trying to sell his $55 ticket was trying to do so for $55. It could have been more could have been less, secondly Original Bob, I really don't think the city is wasting money, and it has everything to do with the city. Every ticket written comes with what sounds like pretty hefty fines, much more than say a speeding ticket. It sounds like in a short period of time officers can write 2 tickets which would equal the revenue of 20 speeding tickets, in effect bringing in more revenue to the city, because last I checked KU and the athletic department are not the ones collecting fines in court. So in effect this has everything to do with the city profiting off of KU.

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