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Beware of idiots

Riding a bike in this weather really isn't any harder than driving a car. Don't knock it until you have tried it.

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Alabama all over Texas in BCS Championship seems trendy; is it truthful?

I don't think Sorrentino understands that Nebraska also has a top rated defense--it is too bad that they don't have an offense.

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As school funding takes another budget hit, KNEA calls for more responsible tax policy

Teachers are very thankful that they still have jobs in these tough times. Most will still have their job even as things get harder. Kids of today are our future and that is what you should really be worried about. Short changing them now not only short changes their future but ours as well.

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Teachers, board still at odds on pay

Why don't more people try to do such an "easy job"? I don't know why anyone wouldn't want such a cushy job with summers off. I don't know why it is so hard to fill some teaching positions. Teaching sounds so dreamy! Try it out, farve.

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Americans shun crime-littered Mexican beaches

If you have only been to Playa Del Carmen, you havent' been to Mexico. The Mexican Riviera isn't the true Mexico.

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Funding, teacher contracts among challenges for district

If there is an unending supply of teachers willing to work in Lawrence, why did they hire non-certified teachers this year? I know of at least two such teachers at only one of the high schools. They came in with no teaching experience (not even student teaching).

Topeka already recruits teachers from the Philipines because they can't find enough in the US. You had better used to paying more or you will be getting a lot less.

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American diplomat killed in shooting

Who should they respond to, Marion? Do you ever leave the house?

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Down in flames: Olathe South 46, Free State 29

No one is calling for Lisher's head because this was just a ballgame where kids have the opportunity to showcase their talents and what they have learned in a fun environment (it is called sport). Furthermore, they had a fabulous year without even considering that they lost a great number of talented seniors last year. This years team showed great improvements throughout the year. Maybe you should be saying hats off to Coach Lisher for a great year.

November 3, 2007 at 9:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

T spared cuts, at others' expense

If you can't afford to live in Lawrence, try riding the T. It will save you money and then you might be able to afford to live here. Furthermore, everybody who lives in Lawrence pays for the T in one way or another--not just bitchy rich house owners.

As for the WRAP program--it was never funded by the school district and the district has no extra funds for it.

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A plan for pensions: What's next for the state's public employee retirement system?

Under KPERS, full retirement doesn't mean that I am eligable for 75% of my previous income after over 31 years of service (age 54)--it wouldn't even be 30% (for the rest of my life). If I retired after 44 years (age 67), I believe that I would receive close to 70% of my previous income.

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