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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Quantrill's Raid is everywhere

Great article, Chad. And while this isn't directly related to the Quantrill raid itself, I'd urge everyone to get down to the Battle of Black Jack battleground near Baldwin City and check it out. They give free tours on weekends and do a fantastic job with it. It's an important part of local and national history that many people don't know is right in your own backyard.

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Douglas County senators record perfect attendance for legislative session

Print that woman out a certificate, gosh darn it.

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Club Magic manager says he's trying to turn around a new business at an old, and troubled, location

There is more poverty in suburban areas than urban areas. I guess your "research project" is out of date or, more likely, was never very good in the first place.

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Club Magic manager says he's trying to turn around a new business at an old, and troubled, location

"I can't speak for everyone so let me go ahead and speak for everyone."

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More on city recreation center bids, and a possible city policy on drone use?

You can "presume" it's about the federal government, but even, like, 2 seconds on Google might have given you a little more information if you'd bother doing your job. Municipal drone bans have been enacted due to private UAV usage, not government paranoia.

You can go online and buy an UAV (drone) with an HD camera for under $300. People don't want nosy busybodies snooping all up in their business videotaping them surreptitiously from the sky. Please, again, do even a bare minimum amount of research next time. Or you can just continue spending your time crafting stupid misogynistic "jokes" about how women be naggin' and shoppin'. It's sad how far the LJW's standards have fallen after laying off the real journalists and leaning more and more on this yokel.

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Crown auto dealership wins Lawrence business of the year award

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Could city's creative placemaking efforts downtown lead to unwanted gentrification?

Did you just pick up a pile of vocabulary flash cards at random and write the results?

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Massive undertaking aims to transform Lawrence from artsy to ArtPlace

It's a 3-minute walk from downtown. Get on your motorized scooter and go there, and stop whining.

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Opinion: Public opinion is a poor moral guide

Awesome. Cal Thomas just argued AGAINST constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and is probably too blinded by bigotry to notice.

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