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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

This scenario has been played out many times in the past with the people in the middle paying for the rich to get richer. Face it, there is no more motivation in this country to do better than your parents. The current administration does not fear the growing debt because they know that the debt no longer matters - we will always be the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry. We buy more than half of our new debt each week. When will we be buying all of our own debt? Just make the interest rate 0% and let the presses go.

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Letter: Another fight?

With a daughter who attends A&M, I can, with certainity, attest that the students of A&M have a much higher opinion of our country and the ideals that it stands for than many in this country.

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From porridge to ports, new restaurant/wine bar opens at Ninth and New Hampshire

We ate Milton's prior to closing and found it marginal at best. Hope the new venture is successful.

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