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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

No, that donation money needs to go to Iwig Dairy to bail them out of their foreclosure/bankruptcy situation... lol


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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

Now THAT'S funny - just what I needed today! lol


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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

It's for collecting concert and crowd footage for potential documentaries, music videos, or sometimes can be bluetoothed to the screens at the front of the stage to add a "concert-goer's POV". This video from the Vans Warped Tour this summer shows how [dizzying] it can be used to compliment videos, etc. ;-)


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Downtown promoter seeks to close part of Massachusetts Street for free, outdoor movie

Why not just use the County-owned parking lot less than a half-block south from the Granada, instead of shutting down a street? It's vacant after about 5:30pm each day... You could possibly even project the movie against the old Dollar Store wall (I believe it's reflective enough) since it's not being used.


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Lied Center to host The Price is Right Live!

I went to the PiR stage show in Branson over Memorial Weekend when Jerry Springer was the host - got to go up on stage - it was a blast! I'm assuming this is the same traveling stage show that is hitting the casinos north of Topeka; they're probably just making it a public attraction while it travels around.


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City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

The "porch fiasco" isn't technically over; they still have to make the final vote on the ordinance tonight.


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Former East Lawrence scrap yard may become unique housing development

Better test the soil there (and/or bring in lots of new topsoil)... unless you want your kids playing out in the yard where the junk cars inevitably leaked oil, antifreeze, etc., and there's always the potential of lead. This was an issue that was ignored for a new commercial expansion in Topeka where there was an old car part junkyard - lots of contamination. No kids playing there, but you know what I mean!


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City to consider banning couches on porches

PittState banned them many years ago (mid-90s) - the fire reasoning is just the City's (Lawrence's) go-to reason ppl - it's because it makes the houses look trashy, and I agree with the ban the from that standpoint... it is part of traditional co-habitating in Lawrence!


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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month

It means more people (i.e. students, etc.) have made themselves available TO work, not that there were jobs that were filled. 800 new jobs created, no mention of vacant spots, but that's where the stats come from.


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Special police detail seeks to curb dangerous behavior among college students

They do it in Cancun, Mexico - with assault weapons in hand! Quite a menacing sight to see a truckload of commandos in full gear, ready at any time!


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