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Plans filed to build two new fraternity houses near KU campus; foreclosure completed on shopping center

I believe that Block Realty was either THE actual owner or THE actual managing company, as they've had a 'for lease' sign up for the past 10 years at the strip mall.

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Downtown restaurant to open new location in west Lawrence; signs of another retail expansion on south Iowa

Painted Kanvas, also in the Bob Billings/Wakarusa shopping center, welcomes Jefferson's to the neighborhood - we'll reach out in the very near future to establish a working relationship!

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Chairs appear at East Lawrence bus stops; city responds with plan for new amenities

I would go a step further and have other locally-owned and operated art-creation businesses such as Painted Kanvas participate in the benches. We could even hold fundraising events at our studio to raise money for the cause.

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Lynn Jenkins to deliver 2015 Dole Lecture

What, Bozo the Clown wasn't available? Oh wait...

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Governor lets Southeast Kansas casino bill become law

Pittsburg needs something... that dog track has been sitting abandoned for well over a decade...


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Wichita clinic says it provided 1,200 abortions

It's like my momma always used to say - "If you're against abortion, don't get one." lol, there's truth to it.


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Lawrence murder suspect expected back in Kansas by weekend

That's what she's doing - sitting there in jail on a computer (or her ipad, smartphone, etc.) hitting refresh over and over again to see the next LJWorld's update about her... lol


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Lawrence's Davis raises $1M for Kansas governor's race

Tell me where to send money... Brownie needs O-U-T OUT!


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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

A little birdy tells me this is also the reason the El Mezcal @ Bob Billings & Wak was closed down recently... will soon be another restaurant.


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Granada celebrates anniversary with outdoor screening of "The Goonies"

My wife and I had a great time!!! I hadn't seen the movie in years, and loved watching it under the stars!


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