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Lynn Jenkins to deliver 2015 Dole Lecture

What, Bozo the Clown wasn't available? Oh wait...

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Governor lets Southeast Kansas casino bill become law

Pittsburg needs something... that dog track has been sitting abandoned for well over a decade...


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Wichita clinic says it provided 1,200 abortions

It's like my momma always used to say - "If you're against abortion, don't get one." lol, there's truth to it.


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Lawrence murder suspect expected back in Kansas by weekend

That's what she's doing - sitting there in jail on a computer (or her ipad, smartphone, etc.) hitting refresh over and over again to see the next LJWorld's update about her... lol


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Lawrence's Davis raises $1M for Kansas governor's race

Tell me where to send money... Brownie needs O-U-T OUT!


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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

A little birdy tells me this is also the reason the El Mezcal @ Bob Billings & Wak was closed down recently... will soon be another restaurant.


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Granada celebrates anniversary with outdoor screening of "The Goonies"

My wife and I had a great time!!! I hadn't seen the movie in years, and loved watching it under the stars!


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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

No, that donation money needs to go to Iwig Dairy to bail them out of their foreclosure/bankruptcy situation... lol


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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

Now THAT'S funny - just what I needed today! lol


September 25, 2013 at 9:22 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

It's for collecting concert and crowd footage for potential documentaries, music videos, or sometimes can be bluetoothed to the screens at the front of the stage to add a "concert-goer's POV". This video from the Vans Warped Tour this summer shows how [dizzying] it can be used to compliment videos, etc. ;-)


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