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Rights group: Phosphorus used in attacks

Everyone seems to have this misconception that war is a nice, polite disagreement . . . I'm REALLY sorry that this conflict has disturbed that misconception. As far as I'm concerned, war SHOULD be as bloody, nasty, and brutal as possible! Other wise, politicians would have less encouragement to continue "peace talks". I'm all for "smart" weapons - they cost less to use. But using "smart weapons" in extremely crowded living areas WILL cause civilian injury and death. Using them is preferable to WWII "carpet bombing" to insure that targets get destroyed which is the only other effective option. As for the WP, I would imagine that most(if not all) that is being used is most likely illumination flares, smoke(for concealment), and target markers. WP is used for these purposes because it is next to impossible to extinguish (and thus counter).

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Sebelius pledges to hold the line on taxes

I wonder just how much money Morris has invested into the power companies involved in the power-plant issue? As to laying off of state workers - Most of the layoffs(if they happen) will be done to the people that actually WORK. Road crews, police, etc. - the bureaucracy workers will barely be touched by layoffs(if they occur). So, public services will decline, while the bureaucrats still get paid for causing hassles for the public. (I'm sure that there may be some bureaucrats that actually care about how their jobs effect others, but most are just concerned about doing their jobs, NOT how they effect the people they are supposed to help.)

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Sebelius pledges to hold the line on taxes

Morris is an idiot for saying “Medicaid and K-12 represent the greatest costs to the state budget, so both must be considered ‘on the table’ in any discussion to balance the budgets for FY 2009 and 2010”. This single statement is antagonistic and made solely to create problems between Sebelius, democrats, and republicans. Then he again brings up the coal-plant issue. If Kansas was actually going to be using the power produced by those plants, I'd say "Go ahead, build them!". Unfortunately, Kansas will NOT be using the majority of power produced by those plants. The power produced by those plants will be sold (at a profit) by the power company (I think its' Black Hills now) to other states with higher environmental emissions laws than Kansas. Meanwhile, Kansans foot some of the construction costs and have to deal with the increased levels of KNOWN carcinogens in Kansas water, air, and land.

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Would a $20-a-month incentive encourage you to ride your bike to work?

HAH! I've been doing this for years - now I can get $20 dollars a month to continue? Sure thing. Now can I get rebates for all the years I've been doing this? At $20/ month, ($240/yr.) for say .... 12 years(it's more, but I'm not greedy)... hmmm. Wow! that comes to $2880, not including the interest.

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Should the Kansas turnpike charge higher tolls when drivers exceed the 70 mph speed limit?

Ok, I can see this is all about the "Toll Pike" and how it gets the money for upkeep and etc.Here's something for all you complainers out there - In one of the northwestern states, they are doing a study on the feasibility of a mileage tax. Yes, I said "MILEAGE tax"! This would be accomplished using a "black box" device on your vehicle that will report your distance traveled so you can be charged a road upkeep tax. This has come about because apparently hybrid and electric cars are using the roads and not contributing to the tax funds used for road upkeep, namely gasoline taxes. They may drive on the roads just as much as "regular" cars but they buy LESS gasoline to do so. Some genius has realized this, and is in the process of figuring out how to make the eco-friendly drivers pay their share.

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Devil's Work Dictionary Winners & Next Term

meeting(n): 1. (normal usage) two or more individuals group together for amusement, information exchange, or companionship. 2.(business usage) an involuntary ("Be there or be fired") grouping together of individuals designed to disrupt, confuse, distort, warp, twist, and other-wise delay productivity. Can also be used by management to assume all credit for any jobs done correctly due to lack of "proper" management skills (ex. "The manager was on vacation during the entire project and had to call this meeting so he could tell the boss how he did the whole project on the flight back from Tahiti").

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Lawrence man injured in rollover wreck

Actually, concerning the fire crew/ helicopter side discussion, both answers are correct. Fire dept. is always called to the scene of an MV accident - this is in case the "Jaws" or some other gear is needed, in addition to the possible fire suppression. Fire dept is ALSO always called to non-airfield helicopter landings for safety reasons - most helicopters use a more volatile fuel than what is used in cars. An aviation fuel spill is a VERY dangerous area - AV fuel requires less heat to ignite than normal gasoline (high enough temps. can ignite - not just open flame or sparks), and it tends to burn hotter than normal gasoline as well.

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Trusting health: In God’s hands

KU_cynic (Anonymous) says…Look at the picture of the three spectacled women and ask yourself:“Does the power of prayer not work on short/near-sightedness?”, or, “Is optometry not part of modern medicine?”Cynic definitely gets points for the eye glasses spotting! My turn> I notice that their teeth are very straight and fairly white (maybe even sparkley?). Can anyone say elective orthodontics? Some health insurance plans won't cover that! Glasses - sure thing! But expensive medical procedures just so you can have a nice smile, nope!

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Lawrence police warn residents to be cautious after two recent robberies

While it IS a blog (which does not prove anything), the blog does have numerous examples of citizens "doing the right thing" and assist law enforcement personnel (and other citizens). Police are here to enforce the law, but many cities have "public interest" or "public defense" laws that allow a citizen to preform a "citizens' arrest" of an offending individual. These laws vary widely in how this can be preformed. If police officers are the only ones allowed to enforce the law, then the police officers BECOME the law, and the legislature and public have no say in how laws get enforced.

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Warrant issued for missing Douglas County Jail inmate

I just hope that her release had nothing to do with the fact that she is the "former sister-in-law" of Lawrence City Commissioner Mike Amyx. If this had ANYTHING to do with influencing the release, it was wrong, and not ethical (or legal).

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