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Overland Park man arrested in shooting incident near KU campus

75x55 (Anonymous) says…

Profiling is wrong and racist………

Profiling a KNOWN group of individuals (say young males driving customized cars - 18" rims w/spinners & 16"+wide tires, loud speakers,etc.) just sounds like common sense to me.

As would a federal officer doing a background check on someone of obvious middle eastern heritage, smelling like they haven't taken a bath in the last 2 days, carrying a backpack/ bag that is obviously holding something very heavy, acting very nervous, and constantly checking his watch.

Now that you've read the second example/ subject of profiling, note ONE thing many would have missed from the first one - I NEVER stated the persons' race.....

And consider this other fact - the first example may not be considered profiling in some states, while the second one WOULD be considered so in nearly ALL states.

Now, how do you feel about profiling?

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City wants ideas for homeless campsite

Should this idiocy become reality, there better be required conditions to camp there.
I would suggest :
>NO drugs! - anyone caught possessing, using, or attempting to acquire drugs should be placed on a banned list for at least one year PAST whatever criminal sentence (if any) is given for their crime. This INCLUDES alcohol.
>No criminal acts! On or off site!- Permanent ban for the site. (Refusal to use proper restroom facilities falls into this).
>Community service - At least 10 hrs of community service per WEEK. Only exceptions are those given by a CITY appointed doctor.
>Sign in/ out must be done. - Refusal is blacklisting. (this is for many reasons: emergency services, site safety, etc.)
>No guests! - Site is for sleeping and rest ONLY. Not for the homeless to have a party site.

In addition, a city law of NO public sleeping should be passed - this will assist police in controlling homeless "squatters".

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Flag concern

U.S. Flag policy websites - last site has the best listing and clearly states that when flown at night the flag should be illuminated. Also- The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

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Spending mistake

Send me $11,000 and I will definitely use it! About $3,000 to pay off ALL my credit cards, $2,000(or so) for a new PC, $1,000 for a new TV, $1,500 for a home theater system, and the rest for a new vehicle (probably a light truck - used). Give it to some damn corporation and they will just use it to pay the CEO(and any other execs with enough pull) another bonus.

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Tonganoxie sixth-grader charged for explosive device confiscated at school

As a grade schooler, I played with firecrackers. Everyone did. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I was tearing apart fireworks and attempting (rarely successfully) to make my own fireworks. I like to think that I may have gone about it a little differently than most kids, though. I actually read about the history of gunpowder, how it was made, and the first actual constructive (or possibly destructive) uses known. There are some historians that believed it was first used for entertainment - firecrackers, then as a signaling device(rockets), then finally as an explosive(powder packed in a container, then ignited by starting a fire around the device). My readings were fairly varied ranging from historical books to historical gun smithing to modern military manuals. As a junior pyrotechnical experimenter, my only goal was a successful BANG! The idea of using one to actually cause damage or harm never really occurred to me. (That came later during my H.S. days - I and some friends blew up the local curmudgeon's street-side mail box - he was always yelling at us kids for playing football near or in his yard). >But even during my time of adolescent insanity, I NEVER thought of doing something so stupid as to make a home-made fragmentation bomb! I knew better than to even consider making something like that. P.S. - The mailbox didn't actually explode. It wasn't very useful as a mailbox afterwards, though - the door wouldn't close and it leaked. It also lost that distinctive mailbox shape.

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Have you ever been scammed?

The only "scammers" that have scammed me lately were all elected officials - POLITICIANS! I will forever regret that vote for Dubya Bush!

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One Wal-Mart enough for Lawrence

If you want to sting this out more: Utilities(electricity, gas, phone) cost me about $130/month So - $8428 - $1560 = $6868 for food, doctor bills, etc. $6868 per Year to live on . . . Oh yeah, working for a locally owned business has me rolling in dough!

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One Wal-Mart enough for Lawrence

I work 32+ hours a week at a LOCALLY owned business.I make slightly more than $9/Hr., The business has reduced the requirements for "full time" status to 32hrs/week. While this does make it easier for the employees to get benefits(insurance, time off, etc.), it greatly reduces the chances of any employee ever receiving overtime pay. (Many employees used to count on the overtime for end of year expenses.) Now, the employees have to work 8 hours past their scheduled time to receive O.T. This happens very rarely. In addition, this company recently placed a wage freeze on ALL employees for at least one year. They did this roughly 4 months after we had a opportunity to increase some of our benefits(which adds to the money taken from our paychecks).Many employees that work for this company have a second job or alternate income sources. My benefits cost me over $90/ month. Since I'm being vague with my wage lets assume I make $9.50/hr. Math time - $9.50/hr x 32 hrs = $304/week $304/wk x 52wks = $15808.00/yr (gross) $90/month(benefit costs) x 12 = $1080$15808 - $1080 = $14,728/yr (before the guberment gets at my money too . . .) Figure another $1500 for taxes, FICA, etc. --- $14,728 - $1500 = $13,228/yr net (thats' take-home pay) My rent in liberal Larryville is $400 a month. $400 x 12 = $4800/yr. My >LIVING< fund for one year is: $13,228(net wages) - $4800 = $8428 for the year! I have (very roughly) $8428 to pay utilities, buy food, pay doctor bills, etc... Oh the glorious pay one gets by working at a LOCALLY owned company!Think on that. . .

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What is your favorite word and why?

Bulbous Bouffant- also a fun song to listen to. . .

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Rights group: Phosphorus used in attacks

Bozo says "Arabs and Jews have been treating each other despicably ever since. Both sides should be ashamed of the terror they've inflicted on each other, but instead all the world gets is more macho, tribalistic chest beating and endless conflict. The children of Abraham, all of them, really need to get their acts together."What about the "children" of Mohammad? When are they supposed to get their "act together", Bozo? When are they going to join the rest of the world and stop acting like children with dangerous toys? (We want you to do this - If you don't we will blow up your toys and kill your dog.)

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