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Traffic delays expected this week

Ya I agree. A little warrning would be nice. That sounds horrible raerae, I cut though the walgreens parking lot just to head south, then ziz-zag across town because the constuction on the 23rd St bridge. It wouldn't be so bad if there was other roads to get outta town, but unfortunately that's not the case.

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Traffic delays expected this week

And I though this article would mention the headache that is sixth street. I guess that i should thank the city "lack of planners" for that. I guess that they figured the best time to pave sixth street is duing monday morning rush hour. The weekend wasn't a good time to do so.

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Sixth Street repaving work starts Monday

Really 6th st down to one lane both ways? And with 23rd going to be down for a bridge replacement, how do they expect commuters to get though town?? I know we can take the non-existent SLT. Lol
Ok I get it the city planner hates commuters.

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Eudora officer injured in K-10 accident

I'm sure that taloncross is reffering to the Johnson county line to I-435. The lines are impossible to see in the dark when it raining.

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Attorneys for South Lawrence Trafficway supporters, opponents square off in oral arguments in Denver appeals court

Now maybe I have A.D.D but I read, "The route for the controversial South Lawrence Trafficway never will go through this Mile High City. At least that much is sure about the project................BLAH, BLAH, BLAH,............................“The passion will not go away,” Eye said. “I’m sure of that. We believe we have an extremely valuable resource that could be lost forever.”
Now when are they gonna start building this road already?? Please, this is getting old driving 20 mins though town just get to the highway.

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Garden City woman loses $4,300 in Internet scam

Cool I didn't know that. Ron your such a good troll.

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Kansas sheriff charged with meth distribution

Good call. I love that show.

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Town Talk: Mexican restaurant coming to old Backyard Burger spot; Baldwin restaurant trying to carve out niche as 'farm to table' operation; city gets report on greenhouse gas cutbacks

I'm with you , bring on the mexican!! I want some real mexican food & can't seem to find it here. I'm from a part of the state with a large hispanic population, & when I think mexican food I think of resturants with names such as "marisco's purto nuevo" and they have picture menus with engilsh sublitles. Plus you just might wanna bring some tums with you for later, you'll probaly need them.

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Gov. Sam Brownback to host forum on literacy

Making sure they get on daily tell him that he's F.orgeting U.likely C.auses K.ansas Y.outh O.ppose U. Brownback!!!!

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