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Nation quietly getting liberal

A person can be liberal and Republican. A person can be conservative and Democratic. The former is open-minded (believes in gay marriage, prostitution, women have rights and are not property of their husbands etc...) but whatever laws are applied, those laws must be according to the State. The latter believes none of the above but wants laws to be applied liberally as in spread-out in All States. Don't believe in abortion? You should be Democrat so the law is applied liberally in every State. Talk radio and talk show pundits changed the meaning of liberal and conservative.

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Doctors see video game addiction as possible psychiatric disorder

On-Line Gamers Anonymous is probably a good idea but I think for those 13 year and 17 year-olds, the solution is simple. Parents and guardians just remove those games from the home then deal with the withdrawal. It'd be less expensive than spending $5000.00 a month for 17-year old Michael to attend a therapeutic school - that insurance won't cover (and shouldn't).

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A.G. makes doctor stop discussing Tiller

So do you think the 15 women who willingly came to the fine doctor to request the procedure, will ever be criminally charged? Guess not, we don't have their names.

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Hispanic heritage

This letter infers that the Mexican and Spanish people did not want to be part of the United States and therefore the Mexican and Spanish people should not have to respect the U.S.A. In the State of New Mexico, the people voted for territorial representatives, and THEY voted for the State of New Mexico to join the united states - hence the name, "the sold people" which in no way shape or form means anything derogatory. It just describes what happened. Obviously, they were not ordinary immigrants because they didn't come on a boat but they WANTED to be united with the other States. In additon the letter infers that MOST people of Hispanic origin are illegal so he will pray for them. People born in the U.S.A. are legal, and this would certainly include people of Mexican and Spanish heritage as well German, Irish and all the others. Finally, the Salazar brothers are of Spanish descent, Richardson I'm not sure. Hispanic does not always mean from Mexico. This distinction is being made more and more on job applications that will request your race or ethnicity. The form will indicate Hispanic (not of European descent), rather than simply Hispanic. I'm not sure, but I think the simply Hispanic designation tilts the person into minority status whereas the Hispanic (not of European descent) will not place the applicant into minority status. As well intentioned as the letter may be, I bring these issues up so that Hispanic defintions are clear but mostly to show that although they were not ordinary immigrants, they still wanted to be united with the States.

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Circles don't work

She answers her own question in the second paragraph. Yes, traffic circles slow drivers down - and that's what they're built for.

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Fight about vaccine link to autism hits court

They're barking up the wrong tree. Sound waves - as in sonograms bouncing on fetus' heads over and over during critical development causes autism.

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Do you think the death penalty deters murder?

doesn't matter, cull 'em out of the flock.

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Domestic registry approved

Because marriage is a religious sacrament, it should not even be recognized by the States. Never, ever. Therefore, if Ronald or Cletus can find a religion that allows them to marry eachother or their goats, then they should join that religion and get married. The State should not recognize their relationship nor anyone else's because after all it's a religious sacrament.

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Abortion rise

You need to leave Dr. Tiller alone, he provides a valuable service by providing abortions to couples who are probably Democratic - thus allowing more Republicans to populate the earth. Oh never mind, most Republicans believe that abortion should be legal.

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Nation of faith

Interesting letter - lack of faith like its a defiency or something. Truth is our schools have more violence since we put god in the Pledge and put god on the legal tender.

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