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Fritzel breaks silence on proposed Rock Chalk Park deal, says he won't profit from the KU sports complex

I've never met Thomas Fritzel, but the Journal-World sure has done lots of stories on him. From what I've read, he already tried twice to swindle city hall with his building code violations. Is this the type of contractor anybody would want to do business with?

I've stayed at the Oread, it is about gouging you for every little extra and if its a football weekend--you better bring your platinum credit card.

Fritzel should invite Lance Armstrong and the KU folks to the Oread for a few beers and discuss who is the bigger liar!

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Rock shop Jayhawk: KU men relish shopping excursion

I happened to be at Wal-mart last night and feel this was nothing more then a publicity stunt. I observed some players shopping and a person with a camera. Coach Bill was walking around with a stern face and acted like he sure didn't want to be their.

At check-out there was an unknown person, seperate from the student shoppers with a credit card. Also there was a seperate crew (non-students) who took the gifts outside to a waiting vehicle that had signage of Morningstar pizza on the doors.

If the Journal-World wants to do an article about students shopping for the needy. Just go down the street to Lawrence high school. The students collect money for a semester (their own) and have a goal to reach. They adopt a family for christmas and have their wish list. The students are trusted with the money to go shopping to purchase specific items and return the items to LHS.

The specific family items are packaged and collected by The Salvation Army. I think this would make a better front page article then the KU article that was truly a publicity stunt.

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City Commissioner Hugh Carter takes job with Lawrence Chamber of Commerce; announces he won't seek re-election in April

Chad, just curious what will his salary and benefits be? Also what are the full benefits/pay for a city commissioner.

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8 percent state cut to higher education could put KU jobs at risk, chancellor says

Does this mean the chancellor might have to lay off her personal chauffeur?

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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

Why doesn't KU hire Lisher and fire Big Head Charlie.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

I just did some research on the tractor that I noticed was hooked up to the trailer. On the door is lettering WLX llc. According to the secretary of Kansas, the owner is John Hein and HSS Transportation of P.O. Box 681127, Riverside MO.

I would be willing to bet the former late Kansas Football Coach Don Fambrough is turning over in his grave knowing a Missouri company is hauling around his Kansas football gear.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

This is not shattering news, anybody who has spent much time around the stadium noticed the team trailer. What I do find interesting is that the Maine tag had been expired since 2009 and the semi that has a Kansas tag and large letters on the door WLX llc.

Makes me wonder who this owner is?

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106 KU employees approved for early retirement buyout packages

Any likelihood the Chancellor will retire. It would be nice to have a chancellor that was born after the depression.

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Last year my nephew got married at The Oread. Against my better judgment, my wife wanted to book a room for the night, two adults/two children. Since it was a KU football weekend we were charged an absorbent fee for a Friday night stay. Also they raised the already absorbent fee to park in their underground garage, stating its a KU football weekend. The KU game was on a Saturday evening but they charged the extra parking fee on a Friday night.

When we went to register, we were told they were out of rooms for two beds, so we were charged extra to bring in a portable bed. The wedding at The Oread was nice and I'm sure The Oread made a killing off of the wedding and providing the meal which I was told was $100 a plate. While talking to one of the young waitress I was alarmed to hear that staff was not allowed to park in the underground parking garage. Anyone who has ever visited KU or The Oread, knows there is no close parking to the hotel. That sucks making a 19 year old female walk several blocks to her vehicle at night.

The next morning we decided to have breakfast at The Oread before we checked out. The prices seemed to be reasonable but the food was brought out cold and the orders got mixed up. While checking out, I learned the Oread has a special taxing district of 1%. I learned that the special 1% goes directly to The Oread as a special tax for building the Oread, pure profit.

I work out with a fitness group that meets several times a week at the KU campus. Last summer The Oread invited the fitness group to their balcony over looking the KU campus and city after our 6:00 pm work-out. We were told there would be Horderves. Went we got there they had staff waiting to take your order but no free horderves. The cheapest item on the menu was a cup of beer for about $4.00. Way to go Oread, tick off a bunch of local Lawrence people. Everyone soon realized all the Oread was trying to do was pick up some business on a slow Tuesday evening.

I plan to stay at The Oread sometime down the road but it will be in the off season when they charge $99 dollars a night for a room and not the gouge rate.

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KU football’s GPA jump a 'big stinkin’ deal'

Why shouldn't their grades improve if the coach want to put that on his resume. He has all the tudors that money can buy and The Athletic Department has the money and clout to cook the books.

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