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Kansas sets another record for concealed-carry permits

Now the state is going to legalize switchblades.


What is wrong with the people running this state and those who elected them?

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Letter: Postal plan

I don't doubt they wanted to privatize the USPS. Interestingly, FEDEX is a proud member of ALEC and I'm sure they were all in favor of additional regulations on the USPS to force them out of business.

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Lawrence man reports guns stolen in burglary Sunday

Gun owners, secure your firearms in a safe. It will reduce the amount of firearms stolen and used by criminals. It's that simple. Anti-gun people have a legitimate concern that the more guns held by "legal" gun owners equates to a greater chance "criminals" will get their hands on firearms via burglaries of cars and homes where "legal" gun owners store their firearm.

My feeling towards firearms is similar to religion, both are legal and I wont' infringe on your rights until your rights begin to negatively impact me and my rights. So just be responsible and keep your firearms in a safe to lessen the chance of burglars and children getting their hands on firearms and causing deaths. Enough said.

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KU, LMH partner for pilot program to decrease hospital readmissions

Part of the ACA addresses the issue of readmission and quality care from providers. What LMH and KU Med are doing is in part due to the ACA. The program is meant to reduce the number of times patients are readmitted for the same issue. Under the ACA, hospitals will be responsible for cost of care of readmission in some cases. So they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the recovery of the patient to ensure payment for services of Medicare patients. It's a win/win. Patients get better care, hospitals work more efficiently and effectively, and Medicare saves billions from the reduction of readmission. I hope those that complained about the ACA take note of the positive impact the ACA is having.

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Sound Off: Snow shoveling

So you believe another smaller truck with a plow should go behind the large plow and remove the snow from every driveway in the city? Are you for real, do you realize how inefficient and how long that process would take? Coming from a northern climate, your expectations are completely unreasonable.

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Sound Off: Snow shoveling

I'd like to know what you want the city to do, lift the blade and not plow in front of your house?

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

If Menards builds here, let's hope they staff with knowledgeable employees. Nothing more frustrating than going into Home Depot in Lawrence and have a college student working there that does not have even a basic understanding of building materials.

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

It's true, Menards sells low cost merchandise, but they also sell quality. You just have to may more for the quality.

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Letter: Unchanging God

Nice to see your former leader actually say what many non-Catholics believe. The former Pope in his last mass condemned “religious hypocrisy” and urged an end to “individualism and rivalry.”

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