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Truth in Iraq

Gods, but this is a laugh riot.

On one hand, we have people decrying the actions of a person who, by merit of position alone, knows more than they do about the situations in Iraq.

On the other, we have people decrying the actions of the people that are decrying the actions of the person in charge.

It's like having 10 pieces of a 50 million piece puzzle and declaring emphatically that you, and you alone, know all that there is to know about the puzzle, and that anyone else that says anything to the contrary is at the very least an idiot.

Gods, but all of you are just amusing as all hell. Just admit that you can't know everything, let alone enough to have a truly informed opinion, leave it to people that are in positions to know more and get on with the universe. Or don't, and the rest of the people in the world, like myself, will just continue laughing at you.

Either way, me and mine win.

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District gives up on all-day kindergarten

Satchel, and when these sheltered kids of yours go out into the real world, they will have all of these values, moral and everything, and will be systematically passed up in the world market as being too pretentious...

Religion is a personal thing, and by putting your kids in a private school before they are old enough to comprehend religion, I think that you are taking away part of their individuality in the world...

I mourn for the things your kids will lose, in terms of learning how to interact with everyone else in the world. Unless they are going to work for the Church, they will encounter homosexuals, lesbians, racists, bigots, and everything else that can be found in human society...

I would rather my daughter be able to function in the world under her own set of morals, which I hopefully help create for her in some way or another, than stunt her ability to acheive because she refuses to accept the authority of a gay man who's also her boss...

Just something to think about, I guess...

- Dustyn

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Student group inspires Idaho atheists

Marion... just as an aside comment...

if people figure out how to make puppies, then we could make people, eventually, then there would be no use at all for any gods or goddesses...

you SURE you want someone to figure out how to make a puppy?

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Protesters take to streets

Gee, let's all get together and protest for the right to thumb our nose at the laws of the country we want to run away to...

If you obey the laws to get in, I have no problems with you on that issue. If you can't obey the law, then you should be dropped off on the other side of the border and threatened with incarceration for 10-15 years and another deportation if you are ever caught here again illegally.

I don't mind Mexicans... I despise border jumpers.

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What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Jesus is coming!! Hide the eggs!!

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Wittig sentenced to 18 years for looting Westar

Ahhh, the much clouted "Good Christian" argument has reared it's ugly, prfane head yet again.

Who cares what religion they are, truth be told? Would it matter more if they were Jewish? Perhaps Muslim?

This Kmat fool is exceptionally deluded if he/she is sitting there thinking that Wittig was some fine, upstanding gentleman that just ran into a streak of bad luck.

Give me a break, you pathetic little guttersnipe. I could care less how charitable the man was. He could have built an entire hospital that was free to anyone that walked through the doors and I would still be pleased to see him go to jail for breaking the law.

Embezzlement is illegal, regardless of what motivations brought the case to the attentions of the prosecuting attorneys. I don't honestly care what intraoffice backstabbing was going on. The fact of the matter is that Wittig and Lake conspired (illegal) to embezzle (illegal) funds from the corporation that employed them.

Managers that are found to be guilty of stealing money from the nightly drops can be prosecuted for embezzlement. Cashiers at gas stations can be charged with the same thing, as an ex-manager of mine found out the very hard way.

Since you seem to think that his punishment is so horrendous, how about you review case law regarding embezzlement, take into consideration possible sentencing recommendations, and come up with a more "fair", and I use the term facetiously, punishment.

Personally, I have no qualms at all about locking his stupid butt away for a couple of decades.

Oh, and there is no such thing as a country club prison. Yeah, it's not a federal pound-you-in-the-*ss prison, but it is still prison, regardless. Known quite a few that were in low security prisons for a few different reasons, and all of them have horror tales about some of the things that they went through, not only from the other inmates, but from the guards as well.

Trust me, if Wittig ends up in a Kansas run prison, the guards will most likely have a field day giving him every single excrement job they can find from sun up to sundown. He's out millions upon millions of dollars, his freedom to come and go has been removed and he is going to be locked up with a bunch of people that will have issues with what he did and with guards that will have the same issues.

It's not going to be all roses and sunshine for the man. He's irked way too many people that are going to have control over his life for a number of years to come. I doubt they are going to tired of making him their meat puppet any time soon, either.

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Gun craziness

Moral fiber, you say, Marion? Which moral fiber are you referring to, my good man?

The one that declares terrorism to be abhorrent to our way of life, but in the early months of the Revolution, the American militia forces did not engage in open battle, but instead fought a guerilla-style war?

Perhaps the thread that inspired the famous line: "All men are created equal."

And yes they are, since at the time, "men" were considered to be white males over the age of 14. If you were black and still had a penis, you were not a man, but instead property, since indentured servitude was nothing more than slavery with a prettier name.

And regardless of skin pigment, the lack of a penis meant that you had no right to have a say in how the country you lived in was governed, once that guerilla war was finally done.

Which moral fiber are you referring to here, mon ami?

Tell me, please. I can not find the moral fiber you are referring to, since the social and political climates of the time have changed so dramatically that the Founding Fathers would just look at us like we were space people.

The argument over "removing life without due process" is facetious at absolute best, since due process entails the concept of a trial. Fetuses, last I knew, could not be charged with a crime. Thus, that completely negates the whole concept of your argument over that.

I pray Roe V Wade is never overturned. Welfare will, and I repeat, WILL increase dramatically. Child neglect cases will become more commonplace. Why, you might ask? Obviously, the fetus is not wanted, frequently because the transport unit (READ: mother) realizes that there is no way that she can effectively and/or properly care for an infant.

Adoption, you say? There are what, 200,000 adoptions per year in the U.S. and how many abortions? Let's just stick the little snot gremlins in foster homes. That will cure that problem, right?

Extract your head and look at the other numbers surrounding the ones that you are brow beating everyone else with over the head. In a perfect world, there wouldn't be a need for abortion. This is not a perfect world, so there IS a need. A very big need, truth be told.

Methane is deadly to brain cells. STOP BREATHING IT!

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Out of house and home

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Gun facts

How about we get rid of ALL the firearms and go back tot eh days when you actually needed SKILL to use a weapon?

Yes, boys and girls, I'm talking about the Dark, Middle and Renaissance Ages. Too much cowardice in this day and age. Hell, I'm just over 30 and I remember when fights were settled with fists and feet, not Glocks and Techs.

CCW is nice, since it will allow people who want to carry a firearm to do so legally. Goddess knows that we have a plethera of morons doing it illegally, for whatever drain bamaged reasons they care to spew.

It will have some impact on crime, but enough to truly shift the balance of power from the hoodlums of the universe to those that actually care to abide by the laws.

And as to the genetically challenged breeder who brought up guns in homes.

It's called trigger guards, lock outs and *GASP* gun safes. I know your brain is likely pickled with the methane fumes by this point, but do try using it once in a while.

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Kansas death penalty case back in court

If you commit an act so heinous that the death penalty is truly an option, why should the state be forced, via tax payer monies, to keep these wastes of oxygen alive any longer than it takes to fry them?

I mean, honestly, we've got millions of people in this country either not meeting, or barely meeting, the needed nutritional requirements, but we sure do have a duty to preserve the life of a multiple time killer.

Take them out, hang them and use the food to feed the hungry.

Less people in prison means less guards needed to watch over them. Few guards means less money the state has to pay these people.

Not paying for the food for 30+ years, including medical costs, plus the salaries of a few dozen guards, sounds like a good enough reaosn to to turn these f*cktards into pinatas and use the 3 hots and a cot for the those that could actually use it, not just spongue it off of those of us who work for a living and never break any major laws.

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