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Obamacare is 'actuarially unsound,' Jenkins argues in Baldwin City

Jenkins is quoted as saying a better way to get more money in the pockets of low-wage workers [than to raise the minimum wage] would be to repeal the rule in Obamacare that requires employers to provide health care to all those working 30 hours or more. “You get more money in people’s pockets just by letting them work full-time than bumping the minimum wage to $10.10...”

Math lesson for the Congresswoman:

40 hours x $7.25 = $290.00 per week

30 hours x $10.10 = $303.00 per week

Clearly, working 30 hours at $10.10 is better than working 40 hours at $7.25!

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Brownback's former tax consultant criticizes federal minimum wage as 'black teenage unemployment act'

This is shockingly racist. Even more shocking is that the consultant felt no shame in making that racist statement.

"Governor Davis" is sounding better to me all the time.

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Koch releases emailed threats on eve of protests

Nice try to negatively frame those who dare to complain about the Kochs' meddling in politics.

It doesn't change the fact that they are bad for America and bad for our democracy.

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House approves bill to analyze privatization

How can privatization be cheaper, when there is a middleman who must make a profit? Only one way: by paying people low wages and giving them few benefits.

This is a bad idea.

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Unions demand proof of allegation

Yes, let's see the proof.

It is the people's house, and every citizen has the right to be there. If someone says threatening or profane things, throw that person out - but don't take away the rights of everyone!

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Reliable data

Gov. Brownback will not abandon his assault on education and Kansas families.

Kansas just got the news that Boeing/Spirit will hire 7,500 people in Kansas, infusing $380 million into the state. That is a LOT of income tax revenue and sales tax revenue. Perhaps the Governor should stop his assault on education and see how this all works out. We know that once funds are taken from our children's education, no Republican administration will ever restore them, even in times of plenty.

I find Brownback's positions against education and families to be particularly appalling in view of the fact that as a Senator he voted for every terrible policy dreamed up by the Bush administration - runaway spending, reckless tax cuts - and contributed his full share to the destruction of a thriving economy.

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Panhandler gifts are best charity

Do all beggars are drunks? Please. We are suffering in the Bush Depression and many more people are homeless or starving than ever before, through no fault of their own.

Stereotypes are always wrong.

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Panhandler gifts are best charity

Street musicians are not beggars. Downtown is richer for their presence. I always try to spare a buck or two for them.

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Wal-Mart ends profit sharing

If you buy from Wal-Mart your money goes straight to Bentonville.

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Act of character

You don't get it. That area was planned to be something entirely different - the city was promised something different - and they have sneaked in change after change until it barely resembles what was promised. At least they drew the line at a big box store.

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