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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

No matter which side of the issue you are on, understand why Kansas adopted the system of appointments to the Supreme Court in the late 1950's. Kansans were deeply offended by a suddenly resigning Governor Fred Hall getting himself appointed to the Supreme Court by his formerly lieutenant and now suddenly Governor McCuish. The sitting Chief Justice didn't want Governor elect Docking to appoint a Democrat to the court. So Smith resigned as Chief, Hall resigned as Governor, McCusih succeeded Hall and promptly appointed Hall to the Supreme Court. It was called the "Triple Play." The thought behind the constitutional amendment to appoint Kansas Supreme Court justices - whether you agree with it or not - was to reduce political influence in the selection process by having both lawyers and non-lawyers vetting applicants to reduce the pool to three for the governor's selection. See the wikipedia link.


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KU chancellor to get $60,000 pay raise funded through KU Endowment Association

I hope the Chancellor does the right thing and declines the raise until her people at KU can get decent salary increases. I hope the other university presidents would do likewise. The people of Kansas, many of whom do not earn the amount of these raises annually would also appreciate it.

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Brownback: Keep state sales tax at current level, cut more income taxes; change judicial selection

I guess the concepts of separation of powers and a system of checks and balances are foreign to the Governor.

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Column: Lost Western Civ requirement will hurt KU

Reasonable minds can differ on the propriety of the Western Civ requirement, and have for decades, but this column got personal regarding Dean Anderson and "his professors." I do not understand why that should be. I do not think that Western Civ teaches students to support their position with personal attack rather than reason.

I seriously doubt Mr. Awbrey actually spoke to Dean Anderson though he certainly writes as if he had. ("According to Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Danny Anderson . . . .") The journalist who actually speaks to the person quoted generally uses a phrase indicating the conversation. ("When I spoke to Dean Anderson" or "Dean Anderson told me.") I don't see any such reference in this column. I doubt Dean Anderson would make the type of statements that Mr. Awbrey attributes to him in the column.

If the Dean did make such statements to Mr. Awbrey, fair enough. Tell us that he did so. If Mr. Awbrey did not speak to Dean Anderson but got the quoted - and unquoted words - from elsewhere then he should have made an attribution to the source. ("According to ..... ." or "According to an unidentified source. . . .") I assume Mr. Awbrey did not just imagine a conversation with Dean Anderson.

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