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What's your favorite breed of dog?

I guess we grieve for them the rest of our lives. My first Mastiff passed in 2009 and even today I occasionally weep for him.

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Low-income families in Lawrence face limited preschool options

there is this way cool new technology call "Google". You should try it out.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is not a justifiable need for a program like HeadStart. Providing a safe environment for children to allow the working poor to work and/or gain training and education is a worthy effort. Just don't be deluded to think that HeadStart is giving the kids a jump on academic performance.

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Low-income families in Lawrence face limited preschool options

Numerous studies, even those performed by HHS, show that by 3rd grade, there is no performance difference between children in Head Start and those that weren't. In effect, Head Start is just free daycare.

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Letter to the editor: Weapons ban

the Court has already ruled that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right to bear arms. See 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller. So your reference to defining militia is irrelevant.

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What is your favorite marine creature?

Sponge Bob!

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Kansas lawmakers mull plans to keep schools open

and five minutes later the NEA and districts would be back before the courts demanding more money.

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Gun debate heats up locally, nationally

The left will use any excuse to create more sheep.

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$3.5 million gift to KU will be split between law school, KU Athletics

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Opinion: Gun sale like victory lap on boy’s grave

Yeah because anytime you are confronted by a stranger you have the right to beat the s*it out of them.

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