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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

Thanks for making some great points. Just to add some thoughts to one of them....60 to 80 years ago when the older schools were built, a separate gym and lunchroom was probably considered a "want" if it was considered at all. There were less students and they either brought their lunch or walked home to eat. Today, having both is the norm as is evidenced by every school building in town built within the last 40 years as well as several that have had additions. And it is a "need" as staff expend precious time trying to schedule and set up/take down/clean up so everyone has time to eat lunch and all get through PE in a day. The staff are to be commended for "making it work" for so long, but having adequate and equitable space for all students across the district is a need. And one I wholeheartedly support my tax dollars being used to remedy.

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