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Taking a look at restaurant violations

We should ask that they all post a list of their employees, their race, and nationality, that way we can sustain your bigotry. BTW we are all foreign aliens as our ancestors were never cleared by Native American Immigration

Don.t use your brain, act bigotedly

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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

Why not send the Universities to Mexico or China, we can save a lot......

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Kansas Board of Regents reject 7.5% pay cut solution

Admittedly academicians do a poor job of letting the public know what they do all day. Most work in excess of 60 hours per week and have little time in their hand to waste time writing responses here. The majority of faculty raking in salaries in excess of $100k can easily find employment in the private sector with salaries in the $200 to $500k. That does not include yearly bonuses that range from 10 to 20 % and stocks in their highly profitable corporation.
These highly productive faculty remain in academia because they enjoy training others or pursuing research that will beneift many rather than a single corporation. While these faculty have gone without salary increases for two years the students they train have seen their starting salaries increase by $15 to $20k!
The grants these faculty bring, many from private corporations, hire many employees in this area.
Finally keep in mind that the tax dollars paid by a low population state like Kansas can only cover a small fraction of the grant dollars brought into the state. So you are getting your tax dollars back and a lot more from high population states!

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