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House Republicans change course on measure providing property tax relief

This is almost funny. This nearly unanimously passed bill tricked our state house of representatives. It is plain to see that none of them actually think for themselves. I think we should see some relief in our property taxes, leave income taxes alone for now. The working poor and middle class will see more benefits from property tax relief than an increase in income tax.
If exempting the wealthy from taxes or tipping the field against the middle class and working poor really created jobs, we’d be awash in well-paying jobs. Most of the politicians voting for this income tax “reform” are going to see personal gain from the taxes they are cutting. They have already demonstrated that they don’t have the wherewithal to read a bill and think for on their own. Too bad for us regular people that they are supposed to represent.
As a lifelong registered Republican, I am disappointed in the entire state Republican Party. I sorely regret voting for Brownback, I was hoping for someone a little less, well, less zealous, radical, extreme, (you get the idea). I will not make that mistake again.
When I go to the polls to vote for the people in the State House, there is no real choice to make in my rural district. The Republicans either run unopposed or the Democrat is so weak that they don’t have much of a chance. It is not good to have a one party government which we are stuck with by default.

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Statehouse Live: 'Pay-go' forcing appropriations acrobatics in Kansas House

Taxes will go up at the local level. When the state does not take care of its responsibilities, the county, city, and school districts will have to pick up the slack. That is how you will pay more taxes.

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Statehouse Live: Otto defends "OPOSSUM" video to NAACP

Bill Otto has embarrassed us in southeast Kansas. His views are not representative of my friends and relatives. The fact that he gets elected is a mystery to me. Mr. Otto is entitled to his opinion, but an elected official should respect the dignity of his office.

Mr. Otto degrades himself and those he represents with his antics. He could convey the same message without the theatrics and gratuitous "look at me I'm a dumb ol' redneck sticking it to the lefties".

As a registered voter in his district, I will encourage everyone I know to vote him out of office. I can't speak for everyone down here, but I'm embarrassed that we've elected him.

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Push to privatize is on the table

To privatize would be pumping tax dollars into private companies’ bottom line. All privatized activity still has to be managed by the state adding yet another layer of administration costing money, not saving money.
Private business does what it does very well, but must run their operations to make a profit. State government does what it does as a service to the public. Government does for the individual what the individual cannot do for themselves.
The State is broke, private business has enjoyed tax deferrals now for some time. Remove those exemptions until revenues are back in line and the State can provide those services that the public expects. When the economy recovers, maybe we could re-institute some corporate tax relief.
As things stand now, the budget is being balanced on the backs of school districts, the disabled and poor, and state employees. Big business in Kansas should pull their weight and not shirk their responsibilities as they enjoy the benefits of well educated workers and the public infrastructure that supports commerce.
I suspect that many of the legislators that would push for privatization also hold stock in the businesses lined up to take tax dollars for their own profit. Conflict of interest is easy to spot, but very difficult to prosecute at this level.

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Statehouse Live: NAACP to meet with Otto over video controversy

Otto is my rep and I absolutely loath the man. He is an embarrassment to many in this district. I would not vote for him and actively try to convince others that he should not be re-elected.

@Myname: Please don’t think we have a monopoly on NASCAR watchin’, monster truck lovin’, raslin’ fans in this neck of the woods so drop the pretense that you don’t enjoy those same forms of fine sports entertainment as much as us rustics down here in southeast Kansas.

Otto will bask in the attention he gets from any publicity and not even notice that he is a buffoon. Hopefully we can field a worthy opponent and elect a new representative next year. If only we could all get past the R or D after a candidate’s name and elect the best person for the job.

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Lawrence has the coldest October on record

Darn that Al Gore and his global warming. Sorry, someone had to say it.

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Statehouse Live: GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says "OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat"

In this neck of the woods, the Republican party is king and whoever manages to get the favor of the local party officials is almost a slam dunk to get elected. The opposition against Otto in the last election got a late start and did not have the backing of the party.

I try to evaluate the individual and vote for candidate that makes the most sense. When the locals see the excess of the liberal left (I know the extreme right isn't any better), they vote more against the far left than for the the Republican, whoever they may be.

Some think that Otto's antics are funny, but southeast KS doesn't have a monopoly on stupid. We unfortunately do have Bill Otto representing us.

I know it is easy to lump all of us in the rural parts of KS as a bunch of hicks, and maybe we are to an extent, but there are a lot of us that have a sense of propriety that transcends the R or D after a candidate's name. Bill Otto is pandering to the basest level of intellect with his antics and I (and others) are ashamed that he is our representative. Otto used to be an educator, but you couldn't tell by watching him degrade his office the way he does.

Don't think that all of us down here are clones of this oafish dimwit, we are not. We'll do what we can to remedy the problem. Maybe a third party is the answer.

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Statehouse Live: GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says "OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat"

I live in Otto's district. I am a conservative Republican and I am mortified that this man represents me. I've seen him speak in public and I cringe every time I hear him or read about him in the paper. Unfortunately the big R after his name gets him elected. We had a very qualified candidate run against him last election and the race was closer than many thought it would be. This guy is a nut job. An elected official whether they be a Democrat or Republican should retain some amount of dignity and decorum. I too have roots in the Ozarks of Arkansas, but my ancestors wouldn't be bragging about eating 'possums nor commenting about the "dark meat". Otto is a troll and a cretin. I will do what I can to persuade fellow voters in this district to NOT vote for this embarrassment next election.

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Interactive Elton John Song Title Game

All The Girls Love Alice

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What TV show do you think has the best writing?

The old Rocky & Bullwinkle Show was excellent. My Name Is Earl is also on my list of favorite shows.

Rocky & Bullwinkle was as clever as any cartoon on TV today. It was funny, but clever enough to make some good points.

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