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Three arrested in Jefferson County after wide search for stolen truck

This is the second time in a year that property has been hit

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Love of the land

We make choices everyday, what we buy and what we eat are just 2 of them. If you went around your house how many things were made in the USA? I can't think of anything that makes more sense for a celebration of Earth Day than making choices to buy products made/produced here in the USA. Knowing where your food comes from should matter to all of us, unfortunately the all mighty $ tends to play a factor. Consumers and Producers should have more open conversations about our food supply. Then myths and gossip could be dispelled and fears on both sides could be addressed. A good place to start talking is at the Farmers' Markets most producers there are ready and willing to have open conversations about food, as long as you buy a little while your there! ;-) Happy Earth Day Everyone, don't just talk about, do it!

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