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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Bye Bye, so long, farewell --- See you in September... no, wait - See you in the comics... no, wait, the comics are gone now. 'Tis a saaaaaad movie - always makes me cry. Ciao LJW - I'm outta here.

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Sunflower field east of Lawrence in full bloom

plus about a million

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Gun Control: When you hit what you were aiming at.

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2012 Photos of the Year - Mike Yoder

Thanks Mike! 2012 was a great ride. I enjoy your stuff. BTW the boy (my grandson) that appeared to be fearing the scary dairy was really getting ready for your shutter to snap. He sensed a Kodak moment nearing and wanted, in his words, to stand out. So it wasn't scary dairy, it was Eli the ham.

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Public invited to see caterpillars, butterflies at Fitch reservation north of Lawrence

I don't think that the URL - bit.ly/JeFplD - will get me anywhere...

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Behind the Lens: Aperture setting can be used to manipulate depth of field

AARG!!! I need my weekly "fix"! Howz about some tips for taking some shots of the Moon / Venus / Jupiter conjunction going on this weekend? I tried last night, but failed miserably. We'll give it another "shot" tonight.

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