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Hotel group seeks city block

please, stop new buildings downtown before its too late.

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Columbia lightens up on marijuana use

"casual users will be smoking J's in the park next to the pool while kids are there.

I'm sorry to inform you RIGHTHAND, but it is not the casual users outside the public pool lighting up; actually, I'm not sorry, this is something you and everyone of Lawrence should know. As a former employee of the city, I witnessed firsthand for three years the behavior of Lawrence kids, and being a Lawrence kid myself, I never in my life thought that children could behave like. The public pool has now become the down town day care for some parents to drop off there kids an hour before open to be picked up an hour after closing. I quit my job in disgust of the anarchy and chaos I surrounded myself in. The first direct step to helping the kids of Lawrence begins with the parents. Negligent, carelessness, and lack of love and affection are a part of what turns kids to drug use; not "SOFTENED LAWS." You are missing the point of what this law will in turn do for the community. It will strengthen the relationship between the law enforcement and citizens and give a greater opportunity for first time offenders. And please, do not make so many assumptions against persons you have never met. "Just because you were at a party once, smoked a little pot and later told your friends you really didn't get anything out of it because you were actually smoking Billy's home grown weed from his back yard doesn't mean you truly understand the harms." I've been to school, and they drill into you the harmful affects of drug use. Persons are fully warned of the different aspects of drug use. And if they don't comprehend, negligent, carelessness, and lack of love and affection come back into the role of understanding.

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