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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

Clickker I hope others have family like yours that are retired or have stored up vacation. Unfortunately for our family that is not the case and the only immediate family members that will be able to attend are parents.
Some family work second shift and older family members do not drive at night and can't afford a hotel. No situation is perfect but this decision was made without any feedback from parents or students.
I contacted Mr West and got a response that confirmed my belief that he could care less. Accept it or don't come.

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

Maria I agree with you. If not Memorial Day weekend a weekend is far better than in the middle of the week. Being in the evening and the middle of the week will make it not possible to have a family gathering before, people will be at work or after the ceremony, people need to get home to go to work the next day. Maybe, just maybe the students and parents should have been surveyed about this.

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Sound Off: Is it OK, according to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules, for Free St

And then you get the opposite too....some who shouldn't be coaching but should only be teaching.

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Brownback's Facebook page swamped with posts critical of his anti-abortion stance

+1000 as long as it is anti conversatives

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

School has it did notify any of the contacts they were given

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

This is a complete failure of the district and staff of Free State. The whole reason the notification system was put in place was exactly for this reason. Funny they can send out multiple messages about silly things like class rings or other things but no notification of this is unacceptable.

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PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets

Actually there is lots of proof.

This is one article but there have been many

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Homeless shelter poised to purchase property for new building; an additional $800,000 needed for project

What will happen with the current shelter? Maybe I missed that part but will it stay open as well?

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What living person would you put on a postage stamp?

That is funny! :-)

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