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Journal-World All-Area volleyball team

Congratulations Shelby Holmes! A well deserved honor!

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Haskell’s athletic programs put on probation through 2014

Way to paint all KU athletes with a broad brush. So while your statement might apply to some sports, especially those leading to pro careers, it certainly does not represent the majority.

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First Bell: Stories in the works this week; more funding doesn't equal better test scores?

Exactly which is one reason the KC School District is in the state that it is.

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Natural selection: Burial method gains popularity

To each their own but I plan to donate any organs that can help someone, cremate the rest and compost the ashes.

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Four area teenagers taken to hospital after wreck on County Road 458

More proof there are morons on this board that don't know how to read.

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Are there things about Lawrence traffic that you dislike or are frustrated by?

Yes it is. Especially because some drivers turn right and then U turn to avoid waiting in line to turn left onto 40!

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Bishop Seabury receives FEMA grant to build safe room

So there are safe rooms in every public school in town?

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United Way agencies facing dramatic funding changes

You can find out how almost any charity spends your money by looking at Charity
The national office of UW reports that 90.6% of every dollar goes to the charity, while the KC UW office reports that 88.7%.

I prefer that 100% of my donation reach my charities of choice which is why I give directly vs. a organization like UW

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

Uh no. "The seniors attending the meeting " Students who are seniors now in 2012 will not be effected by this change.

April 10, 2012 at 4:53 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

High school graduation dates to change in 2013

The seniors will not be effected by this change. Why should they care.

Why is this necessary? What other options were considered?

Would have been nice to have a larger discussion with the parents and students of the Class of 2013 and beyond.

Mr West had time to send a poorly constructed survey on homework why not this?

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