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Tire tracks, ditched cars point to danger on K-10, Eudora business owner says

But on K-10 slowing down simply isn't an option sometimes. I haven't driven it in about a year because it's such rough driving due to other drivers. When I was on it quite often it wasn't uncommon in the morning for all the cars to be going 80 mph and it would be less common but still a regular occurrence for someone to pass you at even higher speeds while reading the paper or applying makeup in the rear view mirror. I'm not saying it makes going through puddles or standing water at high speeds acceptable but I know in a lot of circumstances slowing down- especially in the left/passing lane- is going to equal a wreck, perhaps even a multi-car pile up, on K-10.

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Fall Book Sale canceled after inventory contaminated by bedbugs

At least he notified them and let them know instead of letting shame keep him quiet and passing bed bugs into other people's lives.

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Former KU wide receiver Omigie arrested in robbery case that ensnared Chris Martin

My guess is they thought their being on the team, along with robbing someone of drugs would keep the person from calling the cops. That didn't work, obviously.

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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

The cartels don't have to use Sudafed or cleaning products and poisons to make meth, they use methylamine ala Walter White/Breaking Bad. It's horrifying to know that this has come to Lawrence but then again, I'm not surprised.

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Kansas plans to appeal sex offender registry ruling

I agree. I actually think the penalty ought to be capital punishment, but as the laws are now I believe if there is a list they should never be removed.

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Jefferson County woman sentenced to prison for scalding 2-year-old with hot water

Good. This woman deserves worse than jail, but at least she got SOME time, and kudos to the judge for making the sentences consecutive instead of concurrent.

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Two men face charges in Sunday morning shooting

Wow! You're telling me this is ANOTHER shooting gun control policies wouldn't have been to stop?

/end sarcasm

Cases like this are obvious examples of why going off the deep end on gun control will never work. It's just something for people to pick and yell "Won't SOMEONE think of the children?"

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KU student killed in crash on U.S. Highway 59

Road 458 is the road going west off of 59 that takes you to Lone Star Lake, right?

I've seen SO many cars fail to stop there or just briefly pause and shoot out to try to avoid waiting on traffic. It's especially scary if you're heading south out Lawrence on 59. I've become accustomed to slowing down as I get close because I've seen people zip out of there so many times.

This is obviously a terrible tragedy that a young man lost his life before it ever really began, but I hope it serves as a reminder to those pulling out on 458 to stop fully and look twice before they pull out.

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Chipotle files plans to build restaurant on 23rd Street

I thought Chipotle was (potentially?) going into that building in the corner of the Iowa Street Wal-Mart with AT&T? What's going on for that space now?

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Lawrence man sentenced to 12 years in prison for stabbing his wife in 2011

More likely he'll be in his mid to late 40's rather than early 50's. Unless he kills somebody in jail or remains a habitual problem for the guards he'll most likely get out early on good behavior. It's not right, especially in cases like this, but it's the way it goes.

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