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KU dining renovations to offer students more food options

Interesting article, Andy. It would have been great to read the word "local" in reference to the menus at these two kitchens. That would go hand-in-hand with Addison Polk's mention of healthier options.

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City of Lawrence unveils four new locations for recycling glass

Thanks to Mayor Cromwell for brokering this deal. It's a good step forward for the City of Lawrence.

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The last days of the Flory dairy farm

I appreciated Randy hosting the Douglas County Food Policy Council on their tour of his farm last year. It is inspiring to see a family who has put so much heart and soul into agriculture in Douglas County. Thanks to the Flory's, and I hope your new venture is prosperous.

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Jeff Withey bears down

This team needs to be hitting on all cylinders going into the last part of the season. If Withey is playing strong, it makes the league title and the post season look a lot better.

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Who do you think can better address the needs of the common man, a member of Congress with a $1 million or more net worth or one with a negative net worth?

Where's the third choice on this question? Between a million and nothing lies a great portion of the population.

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Hey, $#%&, you missed

Remember, bicycles have the same rights as any other vehicle on the road.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital contracting with Kansas farmers to build menus

LMH is doing a great service to the local farmers, the local economy, and the lucky people who get to eat this food. Thanks to LMH!

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Hey, $#%&, you missed

I'm glad you posted this, Andrew. I hope it does some good. Gauging from some of the posts above, there is still way too much anger at cyclists for the streets to be completely safe. Being both a cyclist and driver, (as most cyclists are), I see way too many bicycle riders making a bad name for the rest of us. Surely, motorists have a big responsibility to be constantly aware because they could easily injure or kill a bicycle rider. I hope cooler heads prevail. However, the cyclist must be observant of all traffic regulations to the letter of the law. (My anecdotal evidence is that most drivers are courteous and do not wish to harm bicycle riders.)
My plea is for all bicycle riders to be non-confrontational, even on these forums.

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