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Give that man a hand

"Noodling" appears to be barbaric and senseless unless they practice a form of catch and release otherwise it can't "hold a candle" to FLY-fishing!

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E. Lawrence resident known for simple life dies

Hey Bill - thanks for everything you did for me. Teaching me that my pretty flowers were actually weeds. Giving me huge bundles of the best spinach and basil I have ever had. I can't begin to explain how much you touched my life. I will miss you tons. I feel so lucky to have known you and even more lucky to have been one of your neighbors. I'll keep a look out for ya in my dreams. Oh and yea she's still pregnant. Bye Bill have a good one!

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

Wow SITM more avoidance .....man you are dumb .......if you read over all our post you will see that it is you who "assume everything about others and are blind to your own follies:" Good luck with your avoidance issues.

p.s. stop giving beggars money!

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

OK SITM....for the last time you are an idiot....You said "I say "no" to panhandlers all the time:" you say no to bums...so you are already under my power...

Being asked for money is "being hassled" this is not a deep seeded emotion only a fact.

"Take responsibility for your own emotions and actions:" This might be the only smart thing you said all morning. If you give these people money then they feel they have the right to keep asking and they don't.

What advice? To stay away from Mass.? So avoidance is you solution?

Here is a small lesson on avoidance.....
In avoidance, we simply find ways of avoiding having to face uncomfortable situations, things or activities. The discomfort, for example, may come from unconscious sexual or aggressive impulses.
Avoidance may include removing oneself physically from a situation. It may also involve finding ways not to discuss or even think about the topic in question.
I dislike another person at work. I avoid walking past their desk. When people talk about them, I say nothing.
Avoidance is a simple way of coping by not having to cope. When feelings of discomfort appear, we find ways of not experiencing them.
According to the dynamic theory, avoidance is a major defense mechanism in phobias.
Procrastination is another form of avoidance where we put off to tomorrow those things that we can avoid today.

SITM some words to live by "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

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Are you bothered by panhandling in downtown Lawrence?

I would like to suggest that if you see someone give a bum money..... then you should harass them for contributing to the problem.

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

SITM.... again...... "Stop eating your morning bowl of stupid"...."don't blame others for your fears"... Never said I was scared. My problem is not and has never been with beggars it is with those who support them. Man you're dumb. Maybe even too dumb to know you're being harassed. All I am asking is "Good people of Lawrence: please do not give any beggars <Not musicians> money when you are downtown:" SITM If you say no ever time then peace, love and happiness to ya.

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

SITM...... your an idiot ... Telling a homeless person where to find free food is not harassing them...and your solution of NOT GOING DOWNTOWN ...wow good idea...Hay stop eating your morning bowl of stupid and listen to what you are saying.....I pay for the area but I should let those who do not pay have free range and push me out?...SITM if you say NO enough you will be harassed(simply asking for money is a form of harassment)...you will feel threatened... and unfortunately it will take some eye popping negative experience like this for you to come around to my way of thinking.

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

I might have said it better last time! Here is my old post.


I took a walk with my wife, a few nights ago, and she said "I would be scared to walk down here alone" because there were so many "homeless" 20 somethings.

I tell ya people I have my own idea how to solve this problem. If I had the time I would do my best to stop everyone from giving a bum ANY money. Lawrence provides food and shelter so if you give them money.... WHAT IS IT FOR? Drugs?

My whole life has been a struggle but I fought through and now I have a decent home, wife, life and JOB.

America is ripe for the picking and if you want it.... it is there for you to take..... just like you sorry saps giving those lazy s.o.bs..... your hard earned money.

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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

Good people of Lawrence... please do not give any beggars money when you are downtown... there is an abundance of food available all over downtown. AS for aggression ... punkrockmom and ITM probably have never said "NO" or "I'm not your buddy"..or "there is plenty of food available all over this area and at least three places that provide food daily" If you took the overall cost of pan handlers to tax paying citizens you would never give them money. Take the chum out of the water and the sharks will swim away. As I see it givers are the problem and they should be shunned!

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President not listening to Americans, Boyda says

"So all we need is to find the apple or gift that we can provide our enemies." metaphorically speaking (your inability to understand the statement just shows you ignorance) and at this point we are so far in hole with this STUPID war that we are past any attempt at rectifying the decades of damage we have submitted to those foreign countries. America has been in their business manipulating their economy for decades. If you had half a brain you would see that history tells us very few wars result in positive solutions, many just create more instability. We created this war years ago, heck we even put Saddam in power.
News flash we have all been duped the first election for W was rigged by his family... then they got together with all their oil buddies and set in motion plans for getting rich off of our fears. So here we are today a nation divided and too dam focused on a war to care about our REAL problems. Or even the world's real problems....... we all gonna go to the promise land soon if we don't put our ego's aside and ban together and vote for the first person with a solid a stable peace plan. As for a gift we should all give the shirt off our backs to every third world country our greedy government has been exploiting for the last 100 years ...its no wonder they want Americans dead were a dam greedy bunch with little to no morals and right now were just the biggest kid on the play ground pushing everyone else around and if were not careful we will get what is coming to us. Oh never mind lets just nuke um and turn that place into a sand box that will solve all our problems. Right?

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