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New water treatment plant proposed east of Lawrence

Interested in water quality test results ... farmland chemical plant was just a stones throw away ...... makes ya wonder???? Or not... drink up ye all

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Statehouse Live: Republican leaders considering constitutional change to thwart school finance ruling

Riddle me this .... why did these brain jobs wait till now...? Kick backs ....not to mention lawyer fees.. got spent around over the last year and this one word could have been removed last year right? I mean, could this not have been done last year ...Case closed..Money saved, and it is
Our Money....why?

On a side note I think they should all be held in contempt.

This is how they operate? Rewriting what we all agree is at least a decent concept...WOW

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Both lanes of East 19th Street closed due to water main break

And 15th along the same line!

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

Please send money to the Obama campaign so we middle class folk can have a voice!

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Are you more likely to watch "American Idol" knowing Eudora's Jason “Wolf” Hamlin is a contestant?

Wow what an amazing sound thanks for post!

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Please don't condone this clear oppression of free speach

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What will you do with your tax refund?

In this town...I would like to see the option of "reinvest 'it' back into my rental."

Just a suggestion,


P.S. is it weird that few do this practice?

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Incentives, new technology prompt Lawrence homeowner to install solar panels

It appears to me that 18 to 20 panels would fit within the space his rooftop provides but structurally this is a questionable addition without a thorough restructuring of the roof. (one would think as I am by no means an expert) .

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