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Baldwin City resident hired to make new drum for Chiefs

WOW I just wanted to build a Drum. And have people enjoy it. Everyone posting on this link should start drumming on a regular basis. It will help calm their hate. (this of course is my personal belief and opinion)
Warm regards to all of you may you find peace.

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Baldwin City resident hired to make new drum for Chiefs

Actually I care a great deal about Native Ansestory, after all I took the time to learn how these instruments are made. I have never Sold any of the traditionally made Grandfather drums I have made, they have all been Gifted. This drum however is NOT traditional, it is commercial so yes I am accepting payment for it. (I have yet to see a traditional grandfather drum made with a metal shell, all others I have made have been carved from a tree trunk.)
As the article states I have never been to an NFL game, don't care for sports in general, and have no care whatsoever how teams name themselves.
I have NO Native American Ansestory that I am aware of, I just enjoy making these wonderful instruments, as the article also mentions the type of drum I normally make is the African Djembe. Personally I believe I honor the peoples of which I take the time to learn enough about to create the instruments of their heritage so really cant see your problem.

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