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Letter: Fireworks menace

Seems to me that the 'ban' is just to relieve certain entities from liability. Similar to how it is illegal to leave your car running and unattended, in your own driveway, on a cold winter morning. No one recieves a citation for this, but just try and get your insurance to cover the theft... Just an opinion, I could be way off!

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Road work on East 23rd Street to begin Thursday

At least they got the date right on the sign.

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KU student sues Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, alleging underage drinking led to head injury

Agreed! Having been in and around several frat parties they do almost hold a gun to your head to drink. 'Keg Kills' where all the freshman surround a fresh keg of beer and are forced to drink until it is finished often end with under-performers tied to a chair and harassed is not uncommon. That being said it was the physical assault and not the drinking that caused this. Sucks for this kid, but as was said, he shares culpability in this matter.

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case

Robbery isn't really a consentual crime, I'd like to see a bit more for that, but the rest of that YES!!!

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Police investigating shots fired outside Econolodge

Sorry if I seem antagonistic. I have friends who are associated with the Econolodge, and they are putting in a lot of effort to improve the place. Too bad it is not enough to prevent crap like this. Reports like this are a pock mark to this town, and all but a handful of its citizens who don't care about its condition. I love this town, and activities like this are the antithesis of what we as a community are trying to achieve.

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Police investigating shots fired outside Econolodge

Apparently LarryNative and biggunz are stuck in 2005. I believe reticent irreverent made the observation that you will find more skate punks than "last call crowd" at duffys, and it is spelled Haji's, and they sold the place years ago. Not that it is any improvement, I just think accurate details are important when making broad generalizations.

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Police investigating shots fired outside Econolodge

Edgeofbaldwin obviously has never dealt with mil-spec, they solve nothing, EOB also has no idea about the required/established security at these places. And this isn't costing anyone more $$$, there are not more police on force during these parties unfortunately the events simply distract the on staff police presence from doing their normal jobs.

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Police investigating shots fired outside Econolodge

I think that it has been proven that shutting down the locations will not stop this. Last Call was shut down, and the "people of incident" simply found a new place to flex their pride. The problem is that 99% of the attendees don't cause problems, they just want somewhere to listen to their music, and maybe grind on the dance floor. It is the 1% that causes the problems. The question is what to do with that 1%. Anyone have any ideas?

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LHS grad, attorney to speak at breakfast

Go dome or go home.

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