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How old was your child for his/her first haircut?

500 pts to everybody but spacehog, hell he'd just forget where he left them.
But hey there buddy, I'll pop for a brew, looks like you could use one.
Just don't touch my cheek and let's not talk about the bacon in your underwear while we're sitting on the patio, someone could get hurt clearing the fence.

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Marion - Disappeareded Blog- Taps Over, Time for the After Party!

Let me state the obvious-
What ever he does, he's got a lot more time to do it now.

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What was your coldest day?

1000 pts to Easy_Does_It . 500 more punitive. She could have delayed until the 5th yet she deliberately ruined his holiday.

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Will you call the city to report property owners who haven't shoveled their sidewalks?

Hey I want in on a piece of this anarchy. I too agree that some can or some may not shovel for good reason. Walk in their shoes, drink their brewskie, then you'll become enlightened. And some are just plain lazy, but I hate a snitch.
So if you see someone look at a sidewalk in disgust then reach for their cell phone or pen to write down an address, follow THEM home and write down THEIR address.
You'll then know where to walk your dog, drop off your After-city-pick-up-Christmas-tree and deposit your empty fast food containers, empty your ashtrays, toss out your empty beer cans, lob a few dead Easter eggs on the way home. Then their neighbors can complain about them.

We'll call it the Anti-Sidewalk-Snitch-Home-Owner-Locator-Equalization Movement and we'll sing about it in four part harmony.
This can be our theme song.

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Snow cools post-Christmas sales

1000 pts for Irish. Best post of the day.

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Stripper Announcement: I'm Going to Paris! And Here's Who's Coming With Me...

200 pts to Anna.She may not be an ignorant slut but she shows she can set emily_litella straight as well as Jane did. Consider typing louder next time.

Raising one to you Gilda.

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In Plain Sight 12/1/2009

25 pts for everyone for trying but I've got this one.

The new Oread Inn on the left, Frazer in the middle and the steam whistle to the right.
Of course, I won't share how many growlers you have to drain or where you have to stand before you see this view.

Final answer.What did I win?

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Big Breasted Women Are Smarter

500 pts to Overtherainbow for confusing April Fools Day with Christmas.

November 18, 2009 at 11:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Digging in to Lawrence's Cash for Clunkers numbers — and asking for your help

1000 pts to Mr. Kealing for asking and the nice graphs. etc.
He knows the answer. They first want to know if Sven or Marion won or not and how mad they're going to be about it. Beyond about anything you find intriguing and worth putting out there, they'll probably look at and find something fuss over.

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