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'Pill' effects

Agnostick (Anonymous) says:If little boys could get pregnant, some Catholic priests would probably hand the pills out to altar boys like Tic Tacs. In the same line of thought, I find it ironic that a religion that ^*REQUIRES*^ its' "instructors" (priests, nuns,etc.) to be celibate has such an interest in controlling the sexual lives of its' followers. Of course, that could be the problem - if too many followers use anti-pregnancy methods, the religion could see a loss in the number of followers. . .

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Minimum wage jumps to $6.55 per hour Thursday

My ONLY wish is that there was a law requiring employers to either: 1. give every employee an equivalent raise to the government's increase (not ever gonna happen!). -------------------------- OR ------------------------------- 2. Make an equivalent increase to every level of pay cap that they may have. (A much better solution for all; allows pay- capped employees the ability to increase their pay and causes employers to appear as if they care whether or not their employees can actually LIVE on the wages they are being paid.)

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Boa constrictor nabbed from nature center

Oh, I'm being eaten By a boa constrictor, A boa constrictor, A boa constrictor, I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor, And I don't like it - one bit. Well, what do you know? It's nibblin' my toe. Oh, gee, It's up to my knee. Oh, my, It's up to my thigh. Oh, fiddle, It's up to my middle. Oh, heck, It's up to my neck. Oh, dread, It's upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff. . .- "BOA CONSTRICTOR" >By Shel Silverstein >from "Where the Sidewalk Ends"It was a childhood favorite of mine.

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Keyed in: Local pianist hopes institute takes talents to new levels

Truth! K.U. is a fine school, but for someone as talented as the article makes Rhodes sound, he should really consider attending one of the schools with more of a focus on music.>> Basketball and football can only take you so far in life.

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Cyclists left with questions in wake of accident

Multidisciplinary said-How do you not see a person on a bike?Minivans.The triangle window arrangement in the front corners interferes with seeing both pedestrians and bikes sometimes. ___________________________________________ Most people don't drive their mini-vans by looking out the corners of the front windshield. >Most usually look out the front (center) of the windshield - when using this method of driving, most (those not blind, in a road trance, etc.) can see the cyclist in front of the vehicle LONG before it becomes necessary to use the side windows to see the cyclist. I will not deny that many cyclists do not obey the law when riding their bicycles, but I will ask you these questions - >How many licensed drivers know what they are supposed to do when there is a bicyclist on the same road they are on? >Do you know how much of the road is allowed for a cyclist to ride on? (And inversely, How often do you give it to the cyclist?) -- For those who complain about signals and their use -- >How often do you use the turn signals in your car before making a turn? >Do you know how far BEFORE the turn you are supposed to signal? I'm not going to give these answers out. Partly because I believe part of learning something is the act of finding the answer and to see how many get upset about me inferring they do NOT know how to drive their vehicles.

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Share your memories of George Carlin

The honest humor will be missed.

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Power has been restored to Westar Energy customers affected by afternoon outage

This is the company that has requested a rate increase "for alternative energy resources". They are unable to keep the old standby of coal-fired steam turbines (and the power transmission equipment needed) running! The area I live in has suffered at least 5 power outages lasting longer than 15 min this year! We have also had brown outs and short losses of power lasting less then 5 min. at least 10 times this year. If this company can't provide reliable power using their current technology / equipment, why should the public be charged for them to build plants that we will NEVER use the power produced? Once again, I wonder just how the money the public, city, county, and state pays them gets used. What percentage of the total monies received goes to investment, maintenance, and profits? Why should we(Kansans) have to pay for the building of power plants that will most likely SELL the energy produced to another STATE? The only way I would ever approve of such a contrivance is if were treated as a LOAN from the people of the state to the company, to be payed back in a defined number of years with interest.

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Westar seeks 15 percent rate increase

I just wonder what the percentage of investor earnings to profit re-investment (back into Westar) is?

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What's your take on the Lawrence flag?

It's just the city seal, on a flag, with the words "City of Lawrence" and "Kansas" above and below the seal.Kinda dry and unimaginative. -There's gotta be a better way to promote the city of Lawrence . . .

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Developer asks city to defer requests for airport industrial park

Heres' another thing to think of - If the county and city have to fund 2/3 of this wonderful little money tree, do they get 2/3 of the profits? Or will that end up in the hands of the developer? Also should this be built - When it fails (not if, WHEN), is the developer willing to pay 1/3 of the upkeep / maintenance costs for under-used utility lines, pipes, etc.?

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