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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

It's not like the law is going to change anything; the three people in town with potbellied pigs will just... continue to have them.. But I can say (as someone who is involved with an over 120,000 population pig farm) that pig smell often lingers even after taking showers. It's one of the few smells that I know of that just "sticks" to surfaces, much like cigarette smoke. It's entirely possible (probable) that this man cannot smell the effects of his swine simply from sensory adaptation.

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Protesters maintain presence in park

You should totally sleep overnight in the freezing cold and then you wouldn't even have to give away that sweet, sweet quarter.

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Protesters maintain presence in park

Occupy Lawrence has been happening for years in South Park, I'm surprised it is just now getting attention. The homeless are part of the 99%.

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Arizona-style illegal immigration law to be pursued in Kansas

Or that they can't speak English?

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Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul

Any gov worker I deal with has done their job very, very poorly, because they don't have to worry about getting fired! They have a secure job, they'll shuffle their feet to get things done, but don't expect it to be soon and don't expect it to be 100% correct, because that is asking too much.

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Kansas texting law takes full effect Jan. 1

1) Put hands at "10" and "2" position
2) Hold phone in hand that is at "2" position
3) Use your peripheral vision to guide your vehicle as you read online articles and or flip through iBooks.

Tip: Reading aloud the text will help with cognition and retention while allowing you to focus on mainly on driving.

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Kansas State Board of Education approves anti-bullying measures, but backs off requiring statewide program

What a joke; if this is "a very serious problem", then why don't you make an effort to do something about it instead of prancing around the issue? Small town politics dictate how most of these schools are ran, and the good ol' boys that grew up in these towns do whatever they want without retribution. It's pathetic and sickening, and the board's refusal to acknowledge this glaring problem is inexcusable. No school officials are ever held accountable!

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One person taken to LMH after emergency crews evacuate Malott Hall on KU campus; chemical odor reported in lab

I think you forgot to read the last sentence of the article.

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Kansas Dental Project to focus on state's shortage of dentists

Perhaps the state should, I don't know, have a dental school? Not too many people can afford to pay out-of-state dental school expenses.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas bans alcoholic energy drinks Four Loko, Four Maxed, Joose and Max

You're taking something that's regulated, and deregulating it.

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