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Do you think President Obama's stance in support of gay marriage will help or hurt his chances of being re-elected?

Gay marriage is really a question as to how much perversion you want to accept. Let's not forget about the pedophiles. We wouldn't want to discriminate against them for their "sexual orientation."

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Man shot at Heatherwood Apartments; suspects flee in silver Honda

Why did the description not list the shooter's race? That would be very helpful in identifying the shooter. Is this being politically correct? And, another "poster" was right: Topeka has an overflow of young criminals who target Lawrence.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's chief of staff steps down, but will continue working on governor's behalf

The governor is a disgrace to the state is many instances. That he is a liar should not be unexpected.

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Kansas education board at impasse over Brownback school funding plan

So - the State Board of Education (with Brownback appointees) attempted to issue a statement endorsing his ideas? Maybe with a little practice they Board can become as effective as the Kansas City, MO school board.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback unveils budget; recommends state funding of local SRS office, $200k in arts funding

Worst governor in the history of the state. Why don't we just exempt businesses and rich people from paying any taxes. That would allow them to "invest" in our well being to the extent they see fit. Then we can get "trickled down" on.

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City seeks to hire construction manager for library expansion

Let's have another vote on this project. It's a bone head waste of tax payer money. Does anyone think some contractor pushed this expansion over on the public? The construction company makes a nice profit, and my property taxes rise yet again. How about a slogan of STOP THE NONSENSE NOW ! ?

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Kansas mentoring program for convicts reaches goal

This program has been tried before in Kansas. The results ranged from incompetence to disaster. The general public does not know how to deal with inmates / parolees. Their intentions may be very good, but they get suckered into ploys by the inmates. This idea is really intended just to save money on employee salaries (by not employing as many parole officers). The public is then left at a greater risk. But what the heck?.....Isn't it more important to save State money than to save citizens from harm?

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State senator calls for early repeal of 1-cent sales tax

Very good ideas from JayhawkFan1985 and Philbert. The KPERS retirement plan is woefully underfunded and retirees have not received a COLA in years. Our public schools also need the funds which were cut by Ebenezer Brownback and his cohorts in Topeka. He closed the Lawrence SRS office solely as political retribution to a county that did not vote for him in the last election. Next November, let's vote Brownback's Neo-Nazis out of office. They're a nation-wide embarassment.

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The Turner Gill Dilemma

Very good comments. Would Mark Mangino come back? How about an assistant coach from one of the country's best football programs? The SEC might be a good place to look.

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Military cuts

It's time to stop extravagant spending, whether on the military or on other things. This country is deep in debt and the middle class is stuck (again) with the bill. Far too much of our budget is allocated to the military. Bring the troops home!

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