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House committee approves bill that would prohibit teachers union from using voluntary paycheck donations for political advocacy

Let's get rid of ALL unions. Then we will be free to earn $2.45/hour anywhere in Kansas!

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Missouri tax debate focuses on Kansas

Please: "have gone," not "have went."

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Brownback budget has Democrats, moderate Republicans facing dilemma

I agree; however, I will not support any thing that causes my taxes to go up. I'm retired and on a fixed income. I cannot afford to give more of my money to any government function.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback, legislators approve funding that they say will complete Statehouse project

Millions upon millions of dollars for the Statehouse. How come the legislators can't seem to find the funds to keep KPERS solvent in the long term? Why have KPERS retirees not seen a lost of living (COLA) for nearly two decades?

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Kansas teachers group recommends legislative candidates

Responding to "Just Another Bozo On This Bus": You are absolutely correct! "Performance" is the excuse usually given to get rid of someone who is outside your clique, and whom you dislike for any sort of reason.

And another thought - the first thing to be done to improve our schools should be to instill discipline. What goes on in some of the classrooms in our district is shameful. Some students' behavior would have resulted in a trip to the wood shed with their father many years ago.

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If you could choose to learn how to play one song on the piano, what would it be?

No one responded with any classical piano piece. I guess the general public is really unfamiliar with great musical works of superb creation.

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

Greg Sevier attacked police officers with a deadly weapon. He refused to drop it. They shot him in self defense. Do you think the police should have let Sevier kill them? They had every right to stop him. (permanently)

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Cuts needed

I say eliminate ALL state taxes. Our local property taxes, of course, will sky rocket to make up the difference; but that little glitch should have no effect on the goal to make Lawrence a retirement destination. Why wouldn't older people jump at the chance to pay higher taxes?

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Senate approves compromise pension measure

Whereas Kansas public employees are not unionized, they have virtually no meaningful input on legislation affecting their retirement. I can forsee their retirement amounts becoming less and less in years to come, while inflation makes their purchasing power less and less. Working for the state of Kansas is a deadend decision.

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After paying ‘debt,’ then what?

Why does JAFS think inmates are treatable or are amenable to rehabilitation? Why does JAFS think they wish to change?

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