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New units required for over-capacity prison population, officials say

Parole requirements have continuously been softened the past few years. Now, parole officers can't return a parolee except for a new felony conviction. The general public does not have a good idea of the types of people we incarcerate. And, their convictions are many times charges that do not reflect the whole list of original offenses. Plea bargaining drops many charges. Our Tea Party legislators are concerned only with saving state expenditures. If the criminals commit new offenses in the community, the local communities bear the cost rather than the state.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Very well put, UltimateGrownup! You not only write well, you have good common sense.

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Brownback's office says he will release judical applicants' names, then backs off statement

Why is it he doesn't want the puiblic to know? Is he hiding something or ashamed of something? This looks quite crooked.

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

I like you, Synchophant. You put into words exactly what is happening. How unfortunate for the residents of this state. But.....who in the heck keeps re-electing these guys?

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Three-day auto swap meet opens May 3

I've been to several of these swap meets before and they were terrific. Great array of old cars and auto parts you can'tusually find anywhere. A fun time!

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Senate approves constitutional amendment to remove courts from school finance decisions

Does the state of 2013 Kansas remind anyone of 1935 Germany?

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More snow on the way tonight; Lawrence schools, KU, others closed Friday

Where are the snow plows????

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Suspect in Wednesday bank robbery arrested

Twenty years! Why put up with this guy in our society any longer?

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Snow storm hits Lawrence

The only picture that truly interests me is the picture of my street getting plowed. It's now 9:45 PM and not a sign of a plow in sight all day. I pay my taxes! I pay a hell of a lot of taxes. Why hasn't my street been plowed, city commissoners? Are you squandering my tax money on unnecessary library expansion instead of taking care of the streets? Poor management in city hall! Are you going to squander it on that corrupt sports center? Squander it on a totally unnecessary and stupid decison to refurbish a bunch of elementary schools?

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Kansas City man arrested Sunday morning in Lawrence on gun charge

The photo shown in the paper has the caption "Department of Corrections." That means he is on parole, not probation. If he is on parole, he has a felony conviction. ALL persons convicted of a felony are prohibited from possessing firearms (1968 Safe Streets Act). Also, possession of a firearm with a barrel of less than 5 inches within five years of a felony conviction is a separate and new State felony charge. This person should not see the light of day for not less than twenty years (my personal wish). Parolees in possession of firearms are up to no good. Keep them locked up and out of society for a better society.

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