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Medical marijuana policy issued

Hey, you still live in Lawrence though. I can toke on Mass street and still not get in trouble. It's pot, not heroin, lighten up you stuck up douchebags.

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KU couple name kids after football, basketball heroes

Live their life as a normal person.

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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

Seriously, why would you defend this clown? Larry Sinks is a thief, pure and simple. That entire store is a blatant copyright infringement, no matter what his printed signs say. I can't just slap a slightly altered logo on a t-shirt and sell it for profit and then reserve the right to be offended. And besides the fact, the shirts in the store were for classless morons, good riddance. I wish KU had gotten more from Sinks.

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Former Junction City mayor admits on tape that he accepted money from Lawrence developer

Huh, could have sworn I was going to see Doug Compton in this article.

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KU student reports sexual assault attempt

Yeah what a dumbass for almost getting raped. Shut up Wally.

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5 KU freshmen earn full-ride scholarships for perfect scores on standardized tests


Not only is your cynicism misguided, it's completely childish. Judging on your post I'd say you were pretty far away from obtaining a perfect score on ANY test, let alone a standardized test. These EXCEPTIONAL students deserve a full ride scholarship, and they might grow up to become elitists, but it's only because they're more intelligent then you.

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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

How about some responsibility? Right now KU is the laughing stock of the athletic world. People need to be suspended and the KU police needs to act accordingly.

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KU sports teams’ apparent feud spurs 2nd brawl

Anyone want a sneak peak at the letter to the editor for the Kansan that I just wrote?
Too bad, I'll post it anyway.
I'm a freshman by the by.

It’s a crisp fall morning and instead of the rustle of leaves ushering in winter, all I can hear are shouts. It’s about 10 a.m. and the football and basketball players are at the peak of immaturity. Apparently round 2 has commenced after the previous nights altercation near the Union that sent Tyshawn to the hospital with a dislocated thumb. I’m slightly impressed; it takes me a few hours in the morning to rev my gears up enough to be any more than placid. My overwhelming emotion however, is embarrassment.
ESPN, FoxSports, YahooSports, it seems that everyone has caught wind of how selfish and childish our athletic teams are acting. It’s a poor reflection of what this university actually represents, scholars. The Engineering department and the English department don’t brawl in front of Wescoe, (though I admit it would be entertaining) and they are just as competitive as the aforementioned sports teams. Granted, they have a smaller visible fan base, but they are still comparative. What we fail to realize is that all of the players on both teams are KU students. They attend classes, take tests, and do homework, in theory. They are all representatives of KU, and should behave in that manner.
Unfortunately, as it pertains to this incident, the national media places a spotlight on the athletics of KU. The players that represent the athletic department of KU are delegates to the reputation of this institution. When representatives behave in the classless manner as such, they damage the thing they represent.
I’m not Lew Perkins, and I can’t tell him how to act, but punishment is necessary. We cannot let the nation know that we accept this behavior from students at our university. Championships and wins be damned, there must be accountability for the actions of our scholars.

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KU officials mum on any changes they're making after feds issue terror alert for sports stadiums

Lulz. Attack America's heart, good idea terrorists!

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