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100 years ago: With National Guard called away, Lawrence plans to start rifle club

I'd love to see Lawrence finally have a rifle club. My question is simply why can't we also have a handgun club.

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Kansas Supreme Court upholds death sentence of man who killed Greenwood County sheriff

The death sentence in Kansas is really kind of a bad joke. Kansas hasn't carried out the death penalty in roughly 50-60 years.

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Drugs, medical equipment, electronics missing from Lawrence dental office after burglary, police say

Well, thats the price irresponsiblility. As far as the stolen drugs are concerned, I'm wondering if the dentists DEA registration should suspended.

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Parents of baby abandoned in dumpster charged with disorderly conduct at Perry Lake

I used to live at Country Club on Sixth street. You want to talk about a dump that place was it. It is too bad that the child doesn't have any better parents than that. This is definately a case where SRS needs to step in and find a better home for the child.

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Police arrest one suspect in three armed robberies, killing of dog in Lawrence

This person is nothing but 100% trash. I'll I can say is be glad that I wasn't there.

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Four injured after Lawrence police chase leads to crash south of turnpike exit

Maybe it is time to go to a no-chase policy. Lets face it, there have been too many unnescessary accidents. A few years ago, the Wichita Police Department's chief of police Rick Stone attended a seminar concerning police involved car chases and was very impressed by what he heard. Eventhough, the suspect may have gotten away at the time, he or she was later apprehended and arrested and prosecuted. I believe this is the type of approach the local and state police should consider adopting. Sure, the perpetrator needs to apprehended but at the same time the safety of the public must be taken into consideration as well.

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Competency evaluation ordered for 17-year-old accused of killing his grandmother; new felony charges filed

This does kind of make a person wonder whatever happened to the juvenile justice system. And you're right Steve, to prove a first-degree murder charge you would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was premeditation. This person might make a better candidate for the state hospital.

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Sentencing hearing rescheduled for Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife

I find it strange how a person's criminal history seems to have more of an affect on the sentence the person receives than the crime he/she committed.

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Taco shops and a country club; early June restaurant inspection results

Conrad, thanks for taking the time to write an article about these places and how they have little or no concern for the well being of their customers. I know that I'm not eating at any of those places ever again.

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Police investigation continues into Monday morning's armed robberies

Folks it is imperative that the individuals that perpetrated these heinous acts be apprehended before they can commit any more crimes or acts of violence and someone is injured. In a situation such as this, helping the police isn't narking, it is simply doing the right thing in the interest of public safety..

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