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After asking for them years ago, Lawrence neighborhood now unsure whether it still wants traffic calming circles

Another super terrible waste of money. Just like the roundabouts that the city has had built. In both instances, the supporters of these things claim that they will provide safer streets. Really? All these things do is make a driver slow down for a whole two seconds until they drive around them and then continue back to the speed they were at before they encountered the roundabout or circles as they call them. It is my belief that if anything, that actually create unsafe driving conditions. I think the public should be allowed to vote on these types of issues.

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16-year-old boy left paralyzed after dive into retention pond near Free State High

Randall brings up a good point about why something hasn't been done to make the pond safer! Let's face it there is an obvious safety issue here that needs to be addressed immediately before there are any more accidents.

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KU police switch from sedans to SUVs; student designs new logo for patrol vehicles

Personally speaking, I think switching to SUVs has got to be one of most stupid decisions I can remember. SUVs cost twice as much as a Ford Crown Victoria and use twice the amount of gasoline. One word of advice to any patrol officer who reads this: be cautious if you're ever involved in a pursuit and you're driving one of the SUVs, slow way down for the turns you have to take because that SUV you're may just decide to flip over.

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16-year-old boy left paralyzed after dive into retention pond near Free State High

I wish the best of luck on recovering from your injuries. About thirty years ago, a friend of mine that I attended Topeka High School with unintentionally dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool thinking that he was diving into the deep end. He inadvertently had his neck broken, however, Rod has been dealing with his injuries very well over the years so don't give up! If there is ever anything that I can do to help please let me know and I will send you a message that will include my phone number. Take care, Mike.

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McLinn's request for new trial denied, will undergo mental health evaluation before sentencing

Whenever I read newspaper articles about McLinn, I can't help but wonder why she was living with Sasko and not her parents, I've never once read anything about her parents. I'm glad to see that she will be undergoing a long overdue and needed mental health evaluation. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to recognize her condition. Personally speaking, I hope she is deemed mentally incompetent and will be able to get the mental health treatment that she so badly needs at Larned State Hospital.

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Authorities: Former teacher who had sex with student back in jail

Some people just don't learn!

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Meth-related arrests made

I just checked the LPD site. Their names have not been deleted. Thats what I get for listening to that scooterwhatever. They sure got arrested on a bunch of charges though. They were arrested by that Micky Rantz fella LPD has.

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Meth-related arrests made

Marion is right. They have declined to release information because the two suspects are cooperating with the police and working off the case. I wonder who is working the case?

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Firefighters honor fallen Topeka peer

Less than a month ago, the Cox family laid to rest Tony's younger brother Dan. Now, they have to lay Tony to rest as well. Tony came from a rare breed of people who weren't afraid to risk their own safety for another person. God bless Tony and his family.

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